Is It Just Me?

... Or does this cat...
... Look like this horror film monster?

I'm just sayin'.

This of course reminds me of the grade six sleepover I went to at Jen's house. All the girls wanted to watch Gremlins in the dark, but I made them leave the lights on because I was so scared. I sat in a recliner in the corner right under the lamp. *Shivers* I still hate scary movies and if I do happen to rent them I fast forward all the freaky parts till I know what happens and then maybe I watch them once I am assured that everything works out fine. Maybe. (Jen never invited me for another sleepover after that... I wonder why?)


  1. I think that even if all cats don't look like that monster, they have a heart like one. Can't stand any of them; filthy animals.

  2. Hahaha! Ha! Haha! Chuckle Chuckle Your father cracks me up. Hahaha!

  3. I don't understand the passion some people have for those nekkid cats.
    I hate cats, myself.
    That's why I have two. haha.

  4. John you are hilarious!

    I like kittens but not grown cats.

    Those naked ones are abviously a mistake of some breeder on drugs or something. UUUUGLY! and yes they do look as evil as that monster.


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