It Happens Every Time

It never fails. If I'm pregnant and nauseated Red Lobster is unfailingly in the middle of it's endless shrimp promotion. (Retch.) I can't watch TV without the remote within arm's reach at all times for when their shrimptastic commercials flash onto the screen every single commercial break. (Gag.) I seriously should have taken this into consideration when planning this pregnancy. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.

But it could be worse. I could be this guy.

(Just trying to stay positive.)


  1. I'll go and let you know if the shrimp are any good. I love them.

  2. Becky...ya gotta stop reading all those news feeds. Now your dad will want to go and have shrimp. I wonder if the lady who was putting buns into her purse is taking advantage of the all you can eat shrimp orgy.

  3. I could do with a shrimp orgy right now. All that buttery, garlicy goodness... mmm.

    Know what I love most about that news story? "The Denny's closed for the night."


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