Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!

I have a new camera. I've been noticing lately that my poor old camera is just not doing the things it used to do anymore. It has to have been dropped at least 30 or so times. And not just from my hand onto the bed, or even a carpeted floor. I know for a fact it's gone down the stairs and landed on tile floor at least three times. And who knows how many times the boys have dropped it without my knowledge? But that camera just kept plugging along taking great pictures after great pictures, but lately... It's been dying.

And, faithless wretch that I am, I couldn't be sad. Or at least, not that sad. Because a broken camera means a new camera and I've been planning this for a while now. I even had permission from Glen to go out there and buy myself whatever I felt I needed to make my little wanna-be-photographers heart leap with joy.

But I didn't. Not really. I decided on a new version of the old Canon. Another point and shoot. Because, in the end, I couldn't make myself face the price tag of what I'd really like. So I bought a camera for half the price of what we payed for our first one with more than double the mega pixels and 3 times the optical zoom. Isn't it crazy how camera prices have gone down? This is part of the reason I am forcing myself to wait. Before I know it the camera I want will be down in the affordable range, I can wait.
And in meantime, I'm drunk on my increased zoom and pixels! Weeeee! Is there anything better than the perfect shot?

(So far the new camera has been dropped twice. Once on the driveway. Why am I such a clutz? I try to be careful! I really do!)


  1. That is pretty good. I bet the boys like that picture.

  2. Ack! I wish I hadn't found out our brand stinkin' new camera has already been dropped on the driveway! I'll say one thing, though: Canon is giving Timex a run for its money ("Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'").

  3. I agree. There is not much better than the perfect shot! Have fun playing. Just in time for the best season for pictures.

  4. I did the same thing and I'm happy with my point and shoot, but I can feel the itch coming on for a new camera again. I love your picture of the lady bug.


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