Yes. I'm Lame.

Can I just say how jazzed I am for TV tonight? I am. Jazzed.

Of course, with the excitement comes the dread of knowing that something bad is about to happen to Derek. This bothers me only for his sake. Frankly, I don't think Meredith deserves him, and will be quite happy to watch her wait all night out there for him. She's a dipstick. First class.

To most of you, this won't make any sense, but to those of you who know exactly what I'm talking about: Cheers! Wee hoo! and Giddy Up!

I suppose I should also mention it's Ping's birthday. But more about that later.


  1. Yeah...I can't wait! Poor Derek.

  2. In the end it was poor Derek after all. Stuck with Meridith. Sigh.

    I knew the beginning of the episode was too good to be true as it happened. Did the writers really think I'd be dumb enough to believe they'd kill him off? Even just for the first few minutes? Pfft.

  3. You really did believe it, Becky, even if only for a few minutes. I did too. You know, I live that drama every day. I have teenage girls, and one 21 year old who are just like that. "I love him, No. He's a Jerk. Oh, but he apologized and he really meant it this time. I can't believe what a fool I've been. He is such a loser." and then "Mom, did he call? He said he is sorry and that he'd call. He didn't? Why do I trust him? He always lies. I am done with guys" *sob sob* I don't need any more drama, but I still watch it when I can.
    I just pray that God will send the right man and that my girls will make it to maturity without caving to the wrong guy.

    By the way...this is life with girls. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for and now I'm in it for the long haul.

  4. I don't know if this is the raging pregnancy hormones talking, but...if you say one more negative thing about Meridith, I may have to hurt you.

  5. I love your comment Shirley even though I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I assume it's Greys Anatomy? I have never even watched one episode of that show..not sure why.

  6. Now I am probably hooked. Thanks Becky! I have to watch to see if that guy comes back for Christina. I still can't believe that they were passionately kissing, her having a hole made by an icicle in her side and all! Hahaha! Man, that show is just too funny.

  7. I didn't believe the whole "Derek is dead" scene at the beginning . . . not for one second. But I just read in a magazine today some troubling news about Izzy's character plot development and I'm not too happy--I won't go into details, but apparently Danny will be returning for more episodes in the future. Till Thursday . . . Have a Grey Day!


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