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In the Blogging Mood

I wonder if my sudden urge to blog is due in any way to the fact that I'm trying not to blog? Seriously, I'm trying to save up all my posts for November, but lately I just have so much to say! Oh, it's true, none of it is very monumental, but I sure feel bloggy lately. Maybe my internal clock knows November is coming and is getting me ready. Or maybe November will hit and all those great posts that have been drifting through my pregnancy-vacant brain will disintegrate like mist in the bright afternoon sunshine. Who can say, who can say.

Mickey Mouse Michael the Police Man

Make that Mickey Mouse Sammy the Police Man. It doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but I had to laugh when I noticed the PJ's Sammy was wearing along with parts of Ben's Halloween costume a few nights ago. It's good to see family traditions being passed down without any effort on our part. I guess some things are just in the blood.

(For those of you outside of the family and wondering what the heck I'm talking about: My brother Mikey used to call himself that when he was very little. It was a long nickname, but it stuck for a pretty long time.)

Poor Sam. He loves Ben's costume so much. I'd feel even sorrier for him, if a month ago when I was ordering costumes off of ebay he hadn't insisted on being a fireman. I'm hoping that when the big day finally comes (Ben's asks almost hourly when it's going to be Halloween) Sammy will be happy with his costume and that I won't have to haul him weeping hysterically around the neighborhood in his…

Halloween Preview

Here's Ben in his police man costume. If he looks proud in this picture, it's because he is. He stands and looks at himself in the mirror ever so pleased that he looks like a real police man. I love his hat. It's huge.

And there's Sam. If he looks deranged in this picture, it's because he is. He's got a toy axe under one arm and a little toy extinguisher under the other. Just imagining him with real versions of either gives me the shudders.

Also, if it seems like I'm not posting very much lately it's because I'm not. I'm saving it all for November, which is NaBloPoMo. I'm not sure if I'll make it all the way through the month this year, I'm much lazier than I was last year, but I'm going to try.

Not Sorry I Missed It

We came home on Thursday after almost a week in Martensville with my family. I had completely forgotten that it had snowed here until I saw all the sad little snowman stumps all over Yorkton in people's front yards. Our neighbors were smart, or something, and built their snowman in a nice shady spot so he still actually looked like a snowman days later. It's hard to believe that there was actually enough snow here to build a snowman this big just a few days ago. You would never guess by all the green grass and flowers still hanging around. It must have been some storm and then some melt! Oh well, I'm not sorry I missed it. I'm quite happy that by the time we got here mostly all that was left of the snow were the stumps.

In other news, we'll be heading back to Martensville in a few weeks to hang out with my parents before they leave for Seattle for four months. If you're interested, there's more detailed information over on my dad's cancer site, and as th…


Baked the pie, mashed the potatoes, played Nintendo, ate the turkey. Now all that's left is the brief period of sitting around waiting till I have some room for pie. After that I'll have some of Gramma's borscht and Thanksgiving will be over.

What am I most thankful for at this very moment? My awesome new shoes that I got yesterday with my personal shopper (Ang). What am I next most thankful for? It would be my three favorite boys and the two new ones on the way, but it's really loud here right now and it feels very crowded.

Just For Mom

Out with the old...In with the new...Now when you come to stay you won't have to drag a mattress to another room to avoid your snoring man! We got a new futon for the basement, and I know it's a bit of an oxymoron, but it's really very comfortable. And it's not even a little tippy when it's a bed. Aren't you excited?

Last week I decided our very old love seat needed replacing because I felt it stunk. Literally. Don't tell Glen, but it turns out what I was smelling was the new cat house that sits right beside it. Oh well, it was time anyways. This will be much nicer, and someday when we don't have cats it won't even have to have a sheet on it at all times. For now I can rock with the yellow though. Plus this is so much cleaner than the old thing covered in cat hair.

In other news I had my ultrasound, and there's only one baby in there. Phew. I have no picture for you because for some reason they didn't give me one. I didn't notice till I go…

All Done and Just Starting

The weather is not looking promising for another fall photo shoot, so I went ahead and posted all of my pictures over on facebook. You can take a look at them by clicking here. You don't need to have a facebook account to be able to see them, and there is no way I'm putting them all up on the blog.

I will put up one little sneak peak picture though. (It's going to take a while to load up since I forgot to shrink it and I'm too lazy to do it now. Maybe tomorrow.) (I'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on.)In other news, I have my first ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. Let's just all pray there's only ONE baby in there. I always get a little nervous till that very crucial detail is confirmed. One baby. One baby. I'm sure there is only one, but I'll feel better knowing.

The first ultrasound is also the time when I am finally convinced I'm actually pregnant. Until this point I have this vague feeling that I'm not actually …

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes folksies. Onceagain, it's fall photo-shoot time... That glorious time of year when I dress the boys in matching outfits and drag them out to a local park to torture them with my camera for hours at a time. They love it. Really.

Actually, Ben really doesn't mind it as long as I don't drag it on to long. (This is why I usually break things up into two or three sessions.) He lets me pose him however I like and plants a sweet smile on his face like a pro. Sam, on the other hand, being only two tries as hard as he can to get away from me, but there is no escape! He does okay as long as Glen stands behind me making faces and pretending to sneeze and as long as Ben doesn't touch him.I have lots more pictures to show you all, but no time to load them all up tonight. I thought this picture pretty much sums up the experience anyways. Ha ha ha!

So far, we've done two shoots. One with my old camera and one with my new camera. I thought I was finished today, till I got the p…

We'll Be Right Back After These Messages

Speaking of commercials, which my mom has been, here is one I saw tonight that is my new fave:

Doesn't it just make you wanna go out and hug a tree? Maybe skip through some meadows? Go see a movie? Smell the ocean? Drive really fast down a deserted country road? Drive really slow down a deserted country road? Pick a strawberry warm from the sun? Ride an elephant? Fly a kite?

It makes me want to.