Halloween Preview

Here's Ben in his police man costume. If he looks proud in this picture, it's because he is. He stands and looks at himself in the mirror ever so pleased that he looks like a real police man. I love his hat. It's huge.

And there's Sam. If he looks deranged in this picture, it's because he is. He's got a toy axe under one arm and a little toy extinguisher under the other. Just imagining him with real versions of either gives me the shudders.

Also, if it seems like I'm not posting very much lately it's because I'm not. I'm saving it all for November, which is NaBloPoMo. I'm not sure if I'll make it all the way through the month this year, I'm much lazier than I was last year, but I'm going to try.


  1. WOW.. men in uniform saving the world from calamity. You make us proud!

    I love November.. SIGH.. one week to go and I'll get a month full of what's on my buddy's mind..
    I miss you. I'd call you right now if it wasn't so late and I wasn't heading to a hockey game in 2 minutes.

  2. That is stinking adorable! Dad loves this photo. Can you get one printed for us???

  3. Too cute.

    Oh Man! I totally forgot about NaBloPoMo. Now I'm going to stew over this for awhile. Shall I or shant I. Hmmmmm.

  4. That is so cute. Where in the world did you find a Policeman's uniform to fit a 4 year old? I love it.

  5. The first words to come to mind when I looked at this... " Mickey Mouse Micheal the Police Man"

    They are adorable. Proud and fighting to save us all.

  6. Duh! I sewed it! Didn't you know I was an amazing seamstress?!?

    (I got it off ebay.)

    Oh and Aunty Susan... Just wait... Mickey Mouse Sammy the Police Man is coming up next.

    (I miss you too Ang.)


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