It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes folksies. Once again, it's fall photo-shoot time... That glorious time of year when I dress the boys in matching outfits and drag them out to a local park to torture them with my camera for hours at a time. They love it. Really.

Actually, Ben really doesn't mind it as long as I don't drag it on to long. (This is why I usually break things up into two or three sessions.) He lets me pose him however I like and plants a sweet smile on his face like a pro. Sam, on the other hand, being only two tries as hard as he can to get away from me, but there is no escape! He does okay as long as Glen stands behind
me making faces and pretending to sneeze and as long as Ben doesn't touch him.I have lots more pictures to show you all, but no time to load them all up tonight. I thought this picture pretty much sums up the experience anyways. Ha ha ha!

So far, we've done two shoots. One with my old camera and one with my new camera. I thought I was finished today, till I got the pictures up on the computer and saw that the pictures I took with my old camera look so dull and lifeless compared to the new ones. Some of the poses from the first photo-shoot were really nice though, and I didn't repeat them today. Now I'm thinking I may have to go back out tomorrow and try to retake a few key shots with the new camera.
Poor boys. I'm going to have to break out some big bribes to placate them. And poor Glen. His comedy routine is starting to wear really thin. On all of us.


  1. Oh wow, Sam looks so much like your Dad!! Not that I've ever seen your Dad cry...but something about the shape of his head and something else....but super cute, and I know the drama...Geoff does the same thing with our boys and I'm in Glen's spot. Only difference is that we try and add a dog to the mix! :) Take good care Becky...would love to hear a pregnancy update...when is that ultra sound coming??? :)

  2. I saw this picture and went...awwwwww...

    I can just picture Glen trying to make the boys smile...

    oh my....tks for the smile...

    can't wait to see the rest!
    hope you're feeling better..


  3. It's quite the so happy and one so sad :(

  4. If you want...we can do another shoot here and add the dog into the mix. Hahaha! Poor Sam...Poor Glen...he must be running out of funny.

  5. ha ha running out of funny? was there any funny in the first place? you can tell him i said that.

    i love this pic. love it.

  6. Man, I was just going to comment on how much Sam is looking like your dad and saw that Bev noticed the same thing! Funny!
    I love your fall photo shoots... wish I could be there. It looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

  7. Not funny?! You're not funny! ... Your mom's not funny!!


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