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Out with the old... In with the new... Now when you come to stay you won't have to drag a mattress to another room to avoid your snoring man! We got a new futon for the basement, and I know it's a bit of an oxymoron, but it's really very comfortable. And it's not even a little tippy when it's a bed. Aren't you excited?

Last week I decided our very old love seat needed replacing because I felt it stunk. Literally. Don't tell Glen, but it turns out what I was smelling was the new cat house that sits right beside it. Oh well, it was time anyways. This will be much nicer, and someday when we don't have cats it won't even have to have a sheet on it at all times. For now I can rock with the yellow though. Plus this is so much cleaner than the old thing covered in cat hair.

In other news I had my ultrasound, and there's only one baby in there. Phew. I have no picture for you because for some reason they didn't give me one. I didn't notice till I got home. I have a DVD copy of the whole thing though, for anyone who feels like looking at the baby for about 30 seconds and then closeups of its neck and head and my ovaries for the next 20 minutes or so. Ultrasounds in real life aren't nearly as interesting as they look in movies and sitcoms.


  1. Arrrgh!! Stinkin' cat house! I KNEW it!! ... But there's just no arguing with a pregnant woman.

  2. Hi Becky...I'm sitting here laughing at Glen...glad to hear your ultra sound went well AND you got a new couch....good day! Can Geoff and I "steal" your idea for the picture of your boys walking away hand in hand like that? We just love it...

  3. I love the new futon and I see Ben is practicing. He is going to beat me next time for sure! Hahaha!


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