Mickey Mouse Michael the Police Man

Make that Mickey Mouse Sammy the Police Man. It doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but I had to laugh when I noticed the PJ's Sammy was wearing along with parts of Ben's Halloween costume a few nights ago. It's good to see family traditions being passed down without any effort on our part. I guess some things are just in the blood.

(For those of you outside of the family and wondering what the heck I'm talking about: My brother Mikey used to call himself that when he was very little. It was a long nickname, but it stuck for a pretty long time.)

Poor Sam. He loves Ben's costume so much. I'd feel even sorrier for him, if a month ago when I was ordering costumes off of ebay he hadn't insisted on being a fireman. I'm hoping that when the big day finally comes (Ben's asks almost hourly when it's going to be Halloween) Sammy will be happy with his costume and that I won't have to haul him weeping hysterically around the neighborhood in his no-longer fabulous fireman outfit. (Fingers crossed.)


  1. here's hoping.

    if all else fails maybe he would settle for my pink wig?

  2. Maybe you will have to accessorize his costume more. Maybe a piece of hose with a jazzy nozzle would help? Maybe an ax?? Fire hydrant???

  3. Hey Becky! I added you to my new blog. You are welcome to check it out. Just thought you would like to know what was going on in our lives, though it is more from my perspective than my husband's perspective. Have a great Halloween with your two boys and baby to come!

  4. He's already got an axe and a fire extinguisher plus his pumpkin to carry. How much stuff do you think this kid is going to be able to lug around the neighborhood? Maybe Ang could carry some of it for him.

    (The hose does sound like a good idea though. Maybe I could wrap it around, errr... DRAPE it around his neck?)


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