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Speaking of commercials, which my mom has been, here is one I saw tonight that is my new fave:

Doesn't it just make you wanna go out and hug a tree? Maybe skip through some meadows? Go see a movie? Smell the ocean? Drive really fast down a deserted country road? Drive really slow down a deserted country road? Pick a strawberry warm from the sun? Ride an elephant? Fly a kite?

It makes me want to.


  1. Yeah . . . Wayne made me watch this commercial the other night while we were ff-warding through the commercials, which I ALWAYS do with my PVR, and yes, it's pretty good.

  2. I love this commercial. That song is so old and it make me feel good. Like the world is not a complete lost cause.

  3. I love this commercial too!!

    makes me smile!!

  4. I love the song. Great ad. Brilliant! I want to ride an elephant!

  5. i love antm

    and project runway.

    this add makes me want to watch them.

    boom de aaa daaa......

  6. That is a fun commercial. I wish they could all be as creative as that.


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