And the Winner Is...

I hope you guys weren't counting on a democratic-type vote that would be based on the number of votes... Because my dad voted, and cancer-guy trumps all other votes. Sorry, but there have to be some perks to being sick, and getting your way should be one of them. Girl-looking-after-cancer-guy could have trumped the other votes too, but she can't make up her mind (totally typical) so we're going with Dad's pick:

1) Write down a letter to your unborn child – a blessing if you will. (we, your fans, are all just dying to know how you are preparing for the BIG test in December)

Here goes:

Dear little person who keeps kicking me to remind me that I'm pregnant and not just getting fat,

Right now you're just a tickle in my tummy and a dream in all of our hearts, and we can hardly wait till you're a soft little bundle to cuddle and ten little toes for us to kiss.
Most of us are hoping that you will bring a little pink into our lives, but even if you bring even more blue we know that you'll be exactly what you should be and nothing less. We've learned our lessons with your brothers Ben and Sam. (We wanted them to be girls too.)

You see little one, the thing is... We just make awesome kids (it's true, you're being born into a pretty rad family) and we've figured out that God is a master of sending us just what we need. When we had your big brother Ben, God sent us a sweet little angel boy to convince us that having kids wasn't so hard. And when we had your brother Sam, God sent us a crazy little nutjob who makes us laugh to convince us that even when having kids is hard, it's just way too much fun to miss out on.
I wonder who you will be and what place you'll fill in our family? I know it's an important one, because I can feel the empty spot in my heart that's waiting for you.

We're all ready to meet you and find out who you are. I wonder what strange sound will be your newborn trademark? Ben snorted like a little piggy when he was hungry, and Sammy screamed like a condor. (He scared your daddy sometimes.) I wonder what will make you smile the very first time?
I wonder if you will like rocking in a chair or being carried around best when you're feeling sleepy? I wonder if you will love bananas like Sammy did, or if they will make you gag like Ben? I wonder if you will laugh in your sleep and sing your way through your days? I wonder if you're a gentle soul or a scrambled egg or something totally new that I can't even imagine? And yes, I really do wonder if I should buy you a pink outfit to come home from the hospital in or a blue one.

But do you know what I don't wonder? I don't wonder how I'll feel when I look into your eyes for the first time and feel your tiny little hand curl around my finger. I don't wonder if my heart will feel so full it will burst when I hold you up against me late in the quiet of the night, just the two of us. I don't wonder if you will be the most amazing and precious gift a mommy could ever hope for because I know you will be. And I know that I wouldn't trade whoever you are for anything.

So keep growing all those little toes for me to kiss, and those soft little hands for us to hold. And we'll keep dreaming and planning for all those memories we will make with you when you get here. We can hardly wait.

Love, Mommy


  1. (FYI: I'll save the post about Glen for the annual Twelve Days of Christmas posts about my favorite things.)

  2. That is beautiful. A good reminder for me to savour each moment, whether the moment is good or crazy! And like you, I LOVE kissing her little toes. She likes it too and giggles... :)

    May the Lord protect your little one as he or she grows.

  3. Pregnant and Emotional ShirleyNovember 30, 2008 11:18 PM

    Aaauuugggh BECKY... you don't just go writing something like that and NOT warn your pregnant readers. What are you trying to do to me?

  4. That was beautiful and emotional, and I'm not even pregnant.

  5. I agree with Shirley! You should have some sort of warning for your pregnant readers. It was beautiful and I can relate to so much of what you wrote!

  6. My sentiments exactly. God always sends exactly what you need. That is how I felt with each one of you.

  7. That was beautiful and made me cry and I know I'm not pregnant!

  8. That is really beautiful Becky! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Woah! I so can't wait to teach this kid all my good stuff.

    Dear Baby,

    Please think i'm fun and cool like your brothers.

  10. That was so beautiful. I kinda knew it would be. I am so excited for all the little ones coming into our family. A lot of little toes to kiss.

  11. Thanks Becky. I cried a little as well,,,,I sometimes have morning sickness,,,am I pregnant? I too would like to see a little girl in your life. I would like to see one in mine, cause I remember the relationship that my daughters and all my nieces had with my dad. I want to be that kind of grandfather in a little girls life. But I also think of my three grandsons and I wouldn't trade one of them for a little girl. So thanks Becky, regardless of the outcome we are all waiting with bated breath. I know it says Christine but it is really me.


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