I like Patrick Stewart. Actually, I have a bit of a crush on him. He's my creepy crush that I don't think is that creepy at all, but many people have told me it's creepy so I have to consider the possibility that they are right and I am weird. But honestly, how could anyone not have a bit of a crush on this:

(Another confession: I like to pretend he's singing this to me when I watch it. I just substitute "Becky" for "Gene" when he first starts singing, and then I sit back and enjoy. You can do it with your name, I don't mind. I'm not the jealous type.)

My pister Ang likes David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier). Now THAT is creepy. Mine's way less creepy. Hey? (It is.)

Becky told me her creepy crush the other night while we were watching Grey's together. I can't tell you what it is though, (just like I couldn't tell her Ang's at the time) because I am REALLY dumb when I'm pregnant. It's a wonder I can even scramble together posts like this one, considering how dumb I am right now. (You can expect a lot of YouTube on here for the next while because of that.)

So the big question is: Who's your creepy crush? I'm dying to know and I know you've got one. Everyone does. Hey? (They do.)


  1. This it totally weird. My secret crush is also Patrick Stewart!

    We're crush buddies!

  2. LOL. Liar. (But totally laugh out loud funny.)

  3. Steve Martin, I've loved him since I was 12. I don't know if that's creepy..Sarah says it is.

    I still love him.

  4. lol. Patrick Stewart is one of my favorite Star Trek captains, although I wouldn't say I've had a crush on him.
    My creepy crush (actually I don't think its creepy even though the man is old enough to be my father) is... Harrison Ford.

  5. Pierce Brosnen for sure. But I don't think that's creepy.

  6. I think Pierce Bronson runs like a fag. Sorry, now you won't have a crush on him any more. Just watch.

  7. Trish: CREEPY!

    Carol: Other than the age factor, totally not creepy.

    Jen: Definitely not creepy. I've loved him since elementary school.

    Other Becky: LOL. I can't believe I forgot that. SO creepy.

    (My mom just told me hers. I think she wins for creepiest crush EVER. I'll let her tell you.)

  8. Jimmy Smitts. He was a detective on a cop show that I can't remember.

  9. I absolutely adore Patrick Stewart, although I think my crush would have to be Bob Newhart.
    I don't know...maybe it's a tie.

  10. Hi Becky, well here I was sitting here enjoying your post when all three of my guys walk in the room...I felt like I was caught looking at something naughty as I thought about my (not so secret) crush...I have adored Tom Selleck since grade three when Magnum PI came out, but gosh has he gotten ugly with offence to our creator, but this aging thing doesn't always do men justice, not even Tom. Oh well, I've got my local weather man: Paul that's a little creepy...but he's just got this sexy quality somehow..??? You would have to watch our Global (Calgary) station to know what I mean...

  11. HaHaHaHa!! Hillarious. Ahhh yes...Patrick Stewart, who cannot love that man. One look at that sexy bald head, and I was hooked.

    Though I must say, I am also quite partial to Data (Brent Spiner). Not in the beginning so much, but later in the movies when he gets all tough and forceful. Like in First Contact when he grabs that gun thing and says..."Lock and load" in this voice that gets me everytime. Sigh.

  12. Hmm, a whole post about John Luck Pikerd? Jeff Goldblum's going to get jealous you know.

    (PS: Shirley, having a crush on someone with albino white skin and yellow eyes goes waaaaaaay beyond creepy -- no matter how well he delivers one liners. Personally, I prefer Brent in "Independance Day". Maybe its the hair.)

  13. LOL Oh Glen. Does that mean I win the prize for most creepy crush? Could the prize be chocolate...

  14. Hahahaha! I can publish my creepy crush now because everybody has already commented and will not check back so nobody will ever know that my creepy crush is, I have to admit even creepy to me is....ANDRE THE GIANT!

  15. OK...Christine, you win the chocolate. Even Data can't touch Andre the Giant. :)

  16. Remember Val Kilmer from Top Gun? Well, at the time my crush on him was completely normal (I think), because he WAS normal back then. But have you seen a picture of him lately? He's in some new movie (don't ask me what it is, I'm not going to see it), and there was a little article (with a picture)about him in the newspaper promoting the new movie, and man oh man, did he look BAD. So, therefore, if I still had a crush on Val Kilmer as of today, in the year 2008, that would be creepy. Now I just like the view of Michael and Lincoln every Monday night. Maybe that's creepy too.

  17. Who's Andre the Giant!?!?

    Ack! I weep for the future, and I mean it!
    (Anybody want a peanut?)

  18. i also join glen in weeping... it's a sad day when a legend like andre the giant is forgotten...

    i played fezzik when we did the princess bride as a play at cbc btw... just a random note... i can still go line for line along with the whole movie


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