Crazy Boy

This is a video I took today of my nuttiest little nut. I fully realize that I've been posting about the boys A LOT the last little while. The thing is, I really don't have that much going on which is why I don't usually post every single day. The other thing is, Mom and Dad are far away and they need constant doses of Noah, Ben and Sam. I thought they'd like to see Sam's injury for themselves, and then I thought they'd enjoy a little of Sam being Sam. (Usually, if you call him a name like crazy boy he yells, "No, YOU'RE A CRAZY BOY!" That was what I was expecting to tape, and of course, that is not what he did.)


  1. I hope you make more videos. I can watch them when I miss the boys.

  2. that's funny.... chloe is at the point where she tells mom what to say, the other day she said, "amma, you should call me a doof" (goof) it was funny... so now she's our little doof

  3. That is so sweet Becky! Despite everything you've been describing, Sam seems to be the perfect, most obedient, easy going little boy...says whatever you want him to. :) But isn't great that you can share the boys across the miles for your parents this way? You keep posting these Becky, it's the best medicine for your folks!!

  4. He is so cute. I love your laugh at the end almost as much!


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