Dredging the Bottom

I seriously have nothing to say tonight. I'm literally sitting here staring around our basement looking for inspiration. I've got nothing. Let's see where that leads us, shall we?

Ben has a lot of cars, and yet every single one of them is special to him. Last night he fell asleep clutching his newest acquisition, just purchased from the grocery store a few hours before. I tried to take it out of his hand once he was asleep so he wouldn't end up lying on it, but I couldn't. He wouldn't let go. That boy loves his cars.

How was that? Boring? Okay. How about this?

Sammy says "Oh my goodness!" when he's excited. Sometimes he says "Oh my gosh!" which I don't like as much since it sounds so close to something else, especially when he says it. But I actually think both sayings are funny especially since he uses them exactly in the right way and in the right circumstances. He's not the only one saying things that sound like others though. The other night my darling nephew Noah kept saying "Holy suck!" which sounded a lot like something else much worse than "Oh my God." LOL. The funniest thing is it doesn't even make any sense and must be some kind of merging between "Holy smokes" and "That sucks" or something. Kids are funny. And weird. Especially Noah and Sam. Check out Melissa's post here if you're interested in some more of Noah's awesome weirdness.

There. Better? Only a little? Okay. One more try and then I quit.

Tonight I rented and watched The New World, quite possibly the slowest moving and most boring movie ever made. How slow and boring was it? It was so slow and boring that I watched a good 3/4 of it in fast forward with the subtitles and it still moved slower than any movie I've ever forced myself to finish. Seriously. There were times when no one would talk for like ten minutes and they'd just sit there in the forest looking at each other. Or they'd ride on a boat and gaze at the shore. Or they'd sit in a room and stare at a feather. There was a heck of a lot of doing nothing more than looking at stuff, and those were the exciting parts. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. It was so slow that I had no trouble reading the dialog in fast forward. Sheer agony.

And I'm done.


  1. Oh, I wish you would have called me...I could have warned you. Tia and I rented that once because the previews looked good, and so did the cover. I think we made it through MAYBE 20 minutes before we gave up and watched something else. Bo-o-oooring.

  2. Even your mindless babble is completely interesting! Keep it up!
    (Truan's saying 'that sucks' and 'oh my goodness' and 'hokey dynna' now). 'Crud' is probably next. YAY!

  3. Well you did much better than me. I am fast running out of stuff to post. I think that my post sounds a lot like your movie.

  4. I liked your post. Sometimes I miss my boys being the weird little characters that they were when they were little. It's refreshing to read about the little things your little guys do.


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