For Mom and Dad

I had another post in the works for today, but I think I'll post that tomorrow. Today I'm going to post some pictures of the boys for Mom and Dad. (Sorry to the rest of you who may not be as interested as they are.) I'm putting one up on here and a few more over on Ben and Sam's blogs. That way the rest of you don't have to look at all of their cuteness if you don't want to. (Although, I have to tell you, they're pretty cute pictures and you're missing out if you don't go have a look.)

Here are the boys enjoying one of their typical marathon baths together:
(Those ducks are suctioned to their chests, a new discovery of theirs that I'm guessing stemmed from last night's discovery that you could use the ducks to make farting noises on your stomach. Ahhhhh... Boys will be boys won't they?)


  1. Awwwe! they are so cute. I remember when Doft was little we had these Charlie brown figures that you could suction onto skin. Oh boy were they strong. It actually left marks for a while. Grandma would get so upset with us when we would stick them to his forehead or cheeks. We all thought it was pretty funny. Those ducks reminded me of that.

  2. I remember that too! Wow!! That is so long ago that it doesn't even seem true anymore.
    I enjoy seeing all your boys cuteness!

  3. What a pair! Where is todays post?

  4. boys never tried that one although they certainly had their share of marathon bathing. It was a wonderful mommytime tool and they never got tired of the water play until they were turning blue and shivering from the water going cold.


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