Guilt-Free Shopping

Yesterday we got our Samaritan's Purse gift catalogue in the mail. Every Christmas I read through it and pick two or three (or four) items to "buy" myself. I love it. (Although, it's a little like going to the SPCA... You walk up and down all the rows of homeless pets and end up just wanting to take all of them home.) It's so hard to pick from all of the amazing ways to help, so it's a good thing that I have Glen to keep me from blowing our budget. Samaritan's purse is our Christmas charity though, so at least I my budget isn't too small for my expensive tastes. We do the shoe boxes too, those are actually my favorite, but the gift catalogue is right up there. I still haven't picked our Christmas "gift" yet, but I'm narrowing it down. Actually, since I'm having so much trouble I might just pick a few fun cheap ones and then give the rest of our budget to "Where Most Needed". (Much easier on my heartstrings.)

World Vision has a catalogue too, we got that one in the mail a few weeks ago. And of course there are others. I think a lot of charities are jumping on the catalogue bandwagon and I don't blame them. They make it so easy and fun to give meaningful gifts during a season that can so easily lose its meaning. Whoever thought of this idea is a genius!

Here are a just a few links to some other charities I've found that also do Christmas Catalogues online for you to browse through:
Maybe I like this idea so much because it's the one time I can be extravagant while Christmas shopping without feeling even a little guilty, but even if that's a selfish reason I still don't feel guilty. Good times. Good Christmassy times.


  1. I agree... I experience a secret delight when I buy items for complete strangers! May the Lord bless the work of the numerous charities that bring joy to millions at Christmas time.


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