I admit it. I'm stupid when it comes to computers. I don't know why or how they work. I don't know very much about operating systems or processors or any of that jazz. So to me this looks like a good deal. A really good deal. And free shipping! That can't be right can it?

We've been shopping online for a wireless webcam. I want to be able to webcam from any room in the house so Mom and Dad can watch Ben help me cook, or laugh at Sammy dancing in front of the TV, or maybe even look out the window at them playing in the backyard. I'd also really like it if they could "come upstairs" with us to open presents in front of the Christmas tree. With the webcam we have now they can only watch the boys play near the computer in our basement. Better than nothing, but kind of lame after a while. So we've been shopping. This seems to be the best deal I can find. Anywhere.

But I could practically get a whole ding danged laptop for that price. Seriously. That can't be right can it? I'm going to get Glen to look at it. He's probably going to laugh at me isn't he?


  1. I am with you...Huh?!??!?

    I am interested to hear what Glen says.

  2. WOW...if the smartest computer girl I know thinks that she is dumb when it comes to computers...well, that must make me really, really stupid. sigh.

    Oh and by the way...if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. sigh

  3. I would like to know what Glen has to say too. It does seem too good to be true. You would love to have a lap top.

  4. One thing that may be why it's so cheap is that it says the battery is not working. That means that you have to have it plugged in to use it, and kind of defeats the purpose. I also know that when we bought our laptop, we were told that replacement batteries are NOT cheap! Sorry to possibly be the killjoy!

  5. I just checked a discount store and the replacement battery for that laptop was $81!

  6. if the only thing you're going to use that thing for is webcamming around the house, i would go for it... if you want to do anything else with it, i would pass... imho... that's all... i too want to know what the glen said

  7. Get the camcorder. The laptop isn't a bad deal, but the reason it is so cheap is because the battery is not working (you'd have to buy one in order to use it unplugged) and it's an older model. It is a model from the Windows 98 era. It's only 266 mhz(megahertz) and 64MB of ram. It's a Pentium II which is a few generations back in computer time. It would be ok as a first computer for your boys. They could play games, or learn to get around on a computer using it, but it would frustrate you because by today's standards it would be S.L.O.W.

    Today's computers have speeds in the ghz (gigahertz)instead of mhz. That computer would be doing 266 million things per second, whereas a computer with a speed of 1 ghz would be doing a billion things per second. It makes a lot of difference.
    64 mgs of ram is barely any by today's standards. (for instance my laptop, which runs Vista, has 1022 mb of ram.)
    I'm falling asleep, but if you have more questions feel free to ask.


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