I Need to Know

A few months ago, after a visit from my mom and dad, I found this on my camera:
I've been wondering ever since what the hoink my mom was doing. I expect these sorts of things from Ang, with good reason.
(I SO wish I hadn't deleted the much less flattering ones that she took (mostly of her nose), that'd teach her. Those are Kirsten's fingers there in the background. I'm not positive, but I think I was in Mom and Dad's campsite cooking a bush pie at the time this photo was taken.)

Anyways, Mom, what the hoink were you doing? Judging by the background you were using my camera to take a picture of... The computer monitor? Was it a web page or a picture you found online? Seriously? What? ('Cause you know you can press "Print Screen" and the computer will take a screen shot of whatever you are looking at right? No need for a camera.) Or was it a self portrait deal? I need to know.

(By the way, Sam just came up to me and told me, "I'm a little crazy." Then he walked away.)


  1. Now Sammy is yelling at Ben, "You sit on your bum! I'm mad at you!" and "No, I'm not! NO! NOOOOOOOO!" He's also trying to cover Ben's mouth. Why? Because Ben keeps telling him, "You're a grumpy old troll."

    All I have to say is: Kids are weird.

  2. A grumpy old troll? Hahaha! Where in the world did he get that?

    That was a picture of me taking a picture. I thought that it was self explanatory. That took you a long time to find. Hahaha!

  3. Very funny post. It's not so much that kids are weird. It's that boy kids are weird. haha.
    (take it from one who knows.)
    (2 girls, 5 boys)

  4. I can see that it is a picture of you taking picture. The question is why? AND if that's what you wanted to do why not use a mirror? I'm still puzzled. I may need to discuss this with you on the phone.

  5. It is a cool picture. Hahaha! It is getting the result I went for. Hahaha! You always complain that you don't have pictures of me. LOL


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