I'm Stuck. Really, Really Stuck.

So... I have nothing to say. Luckily, I have a friend (who shall remain nameless unless she gives me permission to name her) who generally has lots to say, and sent me a helpful list of things to talk about just in case I found myself in this predicament. Here's her list:

"Just for kicks, here are some ideas for posting if you are ever really, really stuck:

1) Write down a letter to your unborn child – a blessing if you will. (we, your fans, are all just dying to know how you are preparing for the BIG test in December)

2) Do a search on the computer in regards to the conditions and miles Joseph and Mary traveled while in her final days before giving birth...it is really something, and I would love to hear your take on it

3) Those crazy Smarties boxes that invited people to introduce or suggest a new color....who was the winner and what was the final outcome?

4) What do you see your boys becoming based on what their little personalities show at the present time? What did you think you were going to do when you were little, what was your dream of becoming?

5) Books; read any lately? I’m reading “The Shack” right now and let me tell you...it is strange, interesting but strange and more than just a bit unsettling for a parent of small children.

6) If you had to invent one new product that would help you to raise your boys; what would it be?

7) Glen. We rarely hear anything about him...I say you give him a complete “tribute” or even a jolly complaint if the day is shaping up that way.

8) The current fad in drug use...a tampon soaked in vodka and stuck up the vagina...now that is disgusting, but really, how do they get the silly thing up there when it’s soaked and presumably larger (especially for the little types like you) and who on earth starts such a thing? How will we ever keep our kids away from such twisted things like this??

9) The new hockey night in Canada song...like it or not?

10) Write down an extravagant Christmas wish list for everything money can’t buy."

Isn't that list hysterical? I don't know where she came up with some of that stuff. I think it's a post in itself, but all that work thinking of things for me to talk about should at least pay off in one answering post. I can't pick though. (Although, in typical lazy-Becky fashion, I'm leaning towards the easier ones.) So you pick. I'll give you till Sunday night, then I'll write a post about whichever one you like best. (That means I only need to think of something for tomorrow, and NaBloPoMo will be DONE.)

(Please don't pick the tampon one.) (I'm begging you.)


  1. Numbers 1 - 10, excluding number eight. I agree...we really don't want to know. Where in the world did she come up with that one????

  2. personally, i want to hear a tribute to glen, but not just the sappy drivvle... which is good and has it's place, but a warm, heartfelt tribute to glen.... oh... btw... he did not put me up to this lol

  3. gle...er...anonymousNovember 29, 2008 4:22 PM

    Here, here, Trav!! Clearly number 7 is the premier choice. I cannot think of a better way to end NaBlaaBlaaPloMo (sp?) than an enumeration of all the wonderous and fabulous things Glen is and must have done recently. What a guy! Why, I could almost write a full length tribute right here! ... Such an outstanding, Bang Up, guy, that Glen! Really, all I can do is sit here with my mouth agap at such awesomeness, and attractiveness ... Hey, Glen! We should hang...

    (PS: Here's a 'Dollar' for the first person to guess the allusion made in that last sentence ... should be an easy one for Noah.)

  4. I would like to here a comment about either 1 or 4. I guess 1 would be my main pick.


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