It's Coming (UPDATED)

I don't know why I start these things so late. I tell myself I'll just slap it together and I'll be done in no time, but I should know better by now.

I'm almost done though.

UPDATE: I give up. This thing is not going up before I go to bed. It's done, but it's 1:30 AM and right now it says 506 minutes to save it. (And counting.) (Up.) Then I have to upload it. It's not going to happen. But this counts as a post anyways, so I have LOTS of time.

(906 minutes.) (What the hoink is going on?)


  1. (3014 minutes remaining? Seriously! What gives? I'm going to get Glen.)

  2. (Actually, first I'll try restarting the computer. That always works.)

  3. (It worked. Of course it did. Only 12 minutes to go. I asked Glen why restarting the computer and he replied, I quote, "I don't know." So I asked him why, considering he is a computer guy, he doesn't know. He replied, I quote, "Don't ask me to explain the mysteries of Microsoft.")

  4. (In other news, since I'm here and commenting, I thought you might like to know I felt the baby's first honest-to-goodness kicks just now. I've been feeling lots of flutters and movements for weeks now, but you never really know for sure till the little one starts kicking that what you're feeling is a baby and not something else. So staying up late working on something I'm not supposed to be working on has it's compensations. I guess this baby is a night owl like his/her mother.)

  5. (Now over to YouTube, and then to bed.)

  6. Hooray for first real kicks!! I can't wait for those! I love the running commentary, and the video was beautiful. I can't imagine how hard it really is for you to say good bye. I remember saying goodbye everytime we went back to winnipeg and I know that it doesn't even begin to come close to what you're feeling. Love you.


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