Mommy's Prayer

God, from all the times I screw up each day, would you guard his little heart?
Would you wrap him in Your arms when I'm not there for him?
Would you amplify and increase the words he needs to hear from me and help him forget the others?
Would you fill him with love and security when I don't?
Would you teach Him to trust you when I let him down?
Would you raise him up above the example I set for him with my sinful nature?

And God, for the sake of us both, would you help me be a better mommy to him?
Would you remind me of how vulnerable he is to me when I forget myself?
Would you give me patience and humility when I feel my anger is justified?
Would you fill my mouth with words of love and encouragement even when I'm filled with frustration?
Would you shine Your love into my heart so I can reflect it back to him?
Would you forgive me and help me forgive myself when I fail?

God, would you help us both today?


  1. I needed this today..

    I asked God for help and guidance...I clicked on your blog and there was your prayer...

    bless you Becky..bless your boys & your family...bless your Mommy heart...


  2. This is beautiful Becky. Thank you for expressing that...

  3. That is a beautiful prayer and one that hopefully every mother prays, even us old mothers :)

  4. What a beautiful something like what I used to pray almost every night when my kid's were at home. I think too that as a "old mother" I should still be praying it. Thanks!


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