Obligatory Post

K. If it wasn't November I totally wouldn't post tonight. It's been a long day, I'm tired, Mom's on the computer upstairs, and I can't type on Ang's computer. Did I mention I'm at Mom and Dad's? I am. For the week. I'm expecting that this weeks posts are going to be brutally boring, mostly just me coming on here saying, "There. I posted."

(There. I posted.)


  1. Hahaha! Actually I loved this post.

  2. you should try - I was here, now I am not! Nice and short - would that qualify!!
    I'm praying that you have a good week with your parents, and enjoy every minutes of it...regardless of the emotions that will come. Praying for you my friend=)

  3. Nope...don't think this should count. It's gotta be witty and charming and thought provoking, and all the things I've come to expect from you. heh heh.

    (This is exactly why I don't even TRY with this November thing.)


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