Santa Clause Came to Town

Tonight was Yorkton's Santa Clause Parade. (The majesty! The splendor!)My favorite float was the PartyLite one. It consisted of a minivan with some shabby bows tied to the roof rack and the back hatch open with some boxes inside. (The pageantry!) Those people really went all out. Sadly, I don't have a picture of it. I must have been so overwhelmed by it's beauty that... You get the picture. (Except you don't.)

Sam really loves a parade though, so the real fun was watching him over-react to pretty much everything. It doesn't take much to get him all fired up. (Which is a good thing, considering where we live.) He was very upset when it was time to go, insisting that we needed to stay and finish watching the parade, which by that time consisted of all the vehicles driving home from the parade. I'm sure we'd still be sitting there watching the traffic if he'd had his way.

I'll try to get a video of him enjoying the parade up on his blog, if not tonight, then tomorrow for sure. (For Mom and Dad. The rest of you can look if you want to, but don't feel obligated. Mom and Dad really do find this stuff interesting though, and I like to entertain them.)

In other news: Ben and Sam's new saying? "Tell it to the judge." Apparently, they got it from this Veggie Tales. That's what Ben told Mom anyways. Here is a brief conversation I overheard while they were in the bath this evening:

Sammy: No, I don't want that sharky. Go away.
Ben: Tell it to the judge.


  1. Dude, can I just say that I love you even more today because you called SC "Santa ClausE"?! Tis true!

  2. Ha ha! I totally noticed it while I was writing, and I wondered if I should check the spelling, but it just seemed so wrong without the "e". I think it must be the Canadian in me. We like to add extra letters.


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