Soft Blanket, Hard Falls

If you know Sam at all you know that he has this blue blanket that he cannot and will not live without. (He's like Linus with that thing.) He sleeps with it, eats with it, takes it to church, and plays with it. He also really enjoys chasing Ben around our house making monster noises with it over his head. (I can't believe this is the best recent picture of him and his blanket that I could find, I'm sure there are better ones. What you have to realize is that I have literally tens of thousands of pictures and I'm very lazy. At least today. Or this month. Yeah, this month.)

Anyways, last night one of his favorite games (the one where he puts his blanket over his head) went horribly wrong. As anyone with children probably knows, when children run with blankets over their heads what eventually happens is they run into a wall or something else that injures them, or they step on the blanket and trip themselves. Sam did the one with the tripping. Of course, his hands were down by his sides when he fell and the blanket impeded his ability to raise them to protect his poor little face.

The result? His poor little face slammed into the floor. At first we thought he'd only bruised his chin and bit his tongue (lots of blood), but later we realized he'd also loosened one of his sweet little baby teeth (more blood). I took him to the dentist and was assured that it would
probably tighten up and that in all likelihood his tooth would just turn some shade of black. (Nerve damage.) Oh! What a relief!

Sigh. It should be. If it falls out or
abscesses he'll need major dental work and since he's only two that would require a general anaesthestic. I have this idea in my head that I can somehow prevent this from happening by feeding him soft foods and making sure he doesn't whack himself in the face with the floor again.

I cheered myself up by making pumpkin pie and playing on photoshop for a while this afternoon. While I was doing that Ben was playing with his trucks and singing away to them nearby. One second he was happily serenading his five alarm fire truck and the next second I looked over because he'd suddenly gone quiet... This is the sort of thing that Ben gets up to when my back is turned, and this is why he doesn't bleed nearly as often as Sammy does.


  1. Oh Becky...poor little Sammy...I swear him and Austin are from the same cloud...sure hope he doesn't have to loose that tooth! Take good care and please give him a hug for us.

  2. Oh my! Those pictures are pretty darn sweet!

    I am so sorry to hear about your little Sam. Poor guy!

    Do you think he'll do it again?

  3. Too bad that a band aide would not fix it. I sure hope that it does not turn black or cause any problems.

    Ben looks like he planed that nap. He has his bear all snuggled up to him. What an angel.

  4. Poor Sammy. As a parent it hurts so bad when your children hurt, and you would do anything to take it away and put it on yourself. Both of those pics make me miss them so much. I just want to lay down beside them and hold them. And its only been a week. sigh


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