They weren't kidding when they said endless...

Have any of you noticed that, according to the many commercials that I have to turn off anyways, it's STILL endless shrimp at Red Lobster? I would ask, "Will it never end?" but I suppose the answer is in the the endless part.

On the upside, my nausea has definitely been decreasing. (This makes the endless shrimp commercials much less likely to induce gagging, followed by a sprint to the bathroom.) I am down to two diclectin a day now, which is excellent because diclectin makes me even drowsier than I would be just with just the pregnancy. I am not exaggerating when I say I could easily sleep somewhere between 15 and 20 hours a day most days. Not that I should even if I could. That much sleep just makes you more tired. I'm just saying I'm sleepy but getting less sleepy with less medication running through me. Hurrah!

This, of course, puts me in mind of my poor sister-in-law Melissa who has been working like crazy to get her family's new home livable. I remember renovating and moving into this house with Ben as a baby. I was exhausted. I can't imagine having to do it pregnant. (Melissa, if you're reading this, go take a nap.)

That's all, hardly worth a post, (except for the part where I tell Melissa to go to sleep, GO TO SLEEP!) but it's NaBloPoMo so I suppose you should all be expecting to read things like this on here a lot in the next month.


  1. I just realized Melissa can't read this because she doesn't have internet. (If she can she should go to sleep instead of reading my dumb old blog.)

  2. Phone her and tell her to go to sleep. Now that they are in the house they can slow down. It is livable. I do want to see the one kitchen wall painted before we go. It is going to be beautiful. I love watching the transformation. It is better than the TV shows.

  3. it's so not better than the tv shows. during tv shows i get to sit on my arse and do nothing. i say transformations are only great when you have nothing to do with them.

  4. just noticed that you're running out of tuesday


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