This is Getting Dumb

I'm totally sucking at daily posting this year. I think I must have done much better last year. Maybe that's why I suck this year... I used up all my good ideas last time. Pfft.
Here's a picture of the boys wearing Mommy and Daddy's bathrobes. I'll bet you can't guess which one is mine. (I'll bet you can.)


  1. stab in the dark here... and i only say it because someone has to, and it may as well be me... glen's is the pink one, right?

    sorry glen... but it had to be done

  2. That was a well deserved hit Trav! She asked for that one :)LOL!!

  3. I think both of them are yours.

  4. Maybe they're both mine ... ever think of that?! As it happens, Trav, I DID buy that lovely pink bathrobe -- and I guarantee YOU'VE never worn anything so fantastic! As for the grey one that looks like it came straight out of the 70's or early 80's, it used to be my dad's. 'Nuff said.

    (PS: I'm suddenly in the mood for Balderdash. Any takers?)

  5. That's hilarious! Don't you love it when they dress up.

    And it doesn't suck by the way!

  6. dang it... we need to have an online version of balderdash... but it would be tough to cheat... maybe we just post a word and let everyone come up with definitions...just for the heck of it... and then someone picks a winner... or we could vote on a winner.... i think i might try it on my blog.... stay tuned... actually.... i'm gonna go do it right now


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