Today Ben was introduced to The Simpson's Hit and Run for the first time. (Don't worry, I turned the volume way down. We don't want him picking up any new lingo from this particular source.) Shortly after he drove off in his car he bumped into another car and said, "Oh. Sorry about dat." Oh... My sweet little Ben. Apologizing for fender benders. I never could have imagined a child like him in my wildest dreams. He is one of a kind and then some.

Sammy likes to watch him drive, but only if Ben gets a school bus. He cries whenever Ben drives something else. Ben is a good big brother though and tries to get school buses for him whenever he can.

"How 'bout school bus?"

"Okay, I have to go catch him. Here I go."

Ben's crashed a lot of buses tonight. But he's only been chased by the police once. He doesn't like it when his cars break and leaves a lot of them smoking by the side of the road. " I don't like it when there's stem getting out of my car."

(Ordinarily, this would go over on his blog, but it's November and other than bragging about getting to watch Grey's with Becky and her precious little Emma, I have nothing exciting to tell you. Plus I thought maybe Glen would like to know what's going on, since he won't get here till late tomorrow night.)


  1. I am amazed at how quick his driving capabilities are improving. He is already better than me.

  2. That is just too cute. What a kid. He is so funny.


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