Trick or Treaty!

Halloween is one of those days that reminds me that my kids are really stinkin' cute. And funny. And little. They're pretty little. And did I mention that they're cute?

Ben was so excited this year about pretty much everything. His costume, the pumpkins, the trick-or-treating. Sam really had no clue what was going on, but because he had Ben leading the way he threw himself into everything with gusto just like his big brother. Everything except for the part where you pull out the pumpkin innards. Neither of them were into that part, as you can see by Ben's face in this picture:It was a good thing we had Aunty there to help:
Ben was very happy with the results of our pumpkin carving. He stared at his Jack O'lanterns almost as long as he stared at his costumed self in the mirror.
Once all the carving was done it was trick-or-treating time, which was, in a word, hilarious. I'll put up more about that on Ben and Sam's blogs (maybe tomorrow) but let me just say that those two crack me up. There's nothing quite like going trick-or-treating with preschoolers. Fun.
Then it was time for our traditional Halloween meal, Boston Pizza. Perfect. All in all, one of my favorite days of the year. Halloween is for kids, but those of us adults who get to join in with them probably have just as much fun, or at least we did... Maybe it's because we've never quite fully reached the grown up stage.
This one is of my sister, just because I think she's pretty.
And here's one of Sam and me just so Mom can see my fab hair. (Ang cut it for me.) (It's not really mine.) (Well it is, 'cause I bought it, but it didn't grow out of my head. I got it at Value Village for $5.99. Worth every penny.)


  1. You got great pumpkins! Hahaha! I am so glad that you told us that it was not your real hair! I was afraid that you dyed it purple. Ben sure looked worried about the pumpkin innards. Very cute.

  2. Love your pumpkins, your hair, your cute kids. You're right. They are pretty c-u-t-e! Looking forward to keeping up with you everyday this month!


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