The Braun's Are Back in Town

On their way home from Seattle, Mom and Dad surprised us with a visit last night. It felt really good to be together again. I can't think of anything that makes me happier right now than just having some normal-feeling fun. I can hardly wait for Christmas. Please pray that everyone stays healthy. I think we all really need this time together in a big way, but we have to be careful to keep sickness away from Dad.

Also, Dad has a doctor appointment tomorrow. Please pray that it goes well and that the treatment he will be having will bring his cancer levels right back down to where they should be really quickly so that his transplant can go ahead. We're all pretty stressed over all of this, so we could all also use some prayer for peace and hope at a time when it's pretty hard to grab hold of either of them.


  1. I'll certainly be praying for you all. Take good care Becky.

  2. so glad that you got in some time with your parents... and praying for you as they have more appointments, and try to get this all straightened out!
    Take care Becky =)

  3. AWESOME surprise! YAY!!

    Yes.. of course we'll be covering you in prayer this Christmas. Let the Father of Lights send good and perfect gifts... joy, hope, peace and healing to the fam. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! You're such a sweet, darling friend. Love you, Beck.

  4. Count me in on the prayers. I super enjoyed my visits with your parents and they already felt like family before I even met them in person. They are wonderful people and the only complaint I have is that my time with them was cut short. I know that is good for you in some ways and not so good in others, but things tend to go the way they should, so hopefully something really good will come out of all this.
    I am so glad they surprised you with a visit. I hope everyone stays good and healthy so you can all enjoy the holidays together. You all deserve that.

  5. May God grant your family peace and health during this Christmas season.


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