Nine: Christmas Lights

Don't you just love Christmas lights? I do. I especially like the multicolored ones. They look like candy to me. I'm totally not into the white ones, or the icicle ones, and absolutely not blue. Those ones are way too classy for me. If I can't have multicolored then I'll take alternating red and green, but definitely not on their own. Somehow just choosing one color doesn't seem as fun and friendly looking to me. This is why poor Ben didn't get his choice of plain red lights for our house when we bought our first set this year. He's pretty happy with these ones though. His daddy is our hero for climbing up and down a ladder three frigid days in a row to put some Christmas cheer up onto our house. Aren't they pretty? They make winter seem so much warmer and happier to me... Not warm enough to stop wishing it would go away, but what could? Nothing.


  1. Oh man, look at all that pink stuff underneath this post. I think I should probably re-post the pink post tomorrow just so it doesn't get pushed too far down the page... Sigh.

  2. I just want to say Hats off to Glen; I always marvel at guys willing to go that high in these frigid temperatures to do that job...we have multi-colored lights too...the kids love it! Looks beautiful guys!

  3. I hope you made him a nice warm mug of hot chocolate after doing that. What a trouper! It has warmed up a little so I think I will go out and find the candy cane lights and put them out. I don't have to climb to put them out. It would be nice to have some Christmas cheer out for the grandkids.


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