Three: My New Dentist

My cousin Lisa is a dentist. (She's the Lisa who helped Ang and me write that thank-you note to my gramma.) I had my first appointment with her today. It was the most fun I've ever had at the dentist. It makes me giggle every time someone calls her "Dr. Braun", or whenever I get a message from "Dr. Braun's" office, or when she uses fancy dentist talk. I'm sure it has something to do with being able to picture her fighting with me over which outfit we would each wear when we played dress up.

Ben loves it there. They let him pick as many prizes as he likes. I didn't need prizes to convince me that having a dentist in the family is super. Maybe a visit with Lisa will be enough incentive to get me in the chair for check-ups more often than once every two or three years. That would be super-DUPER!

(I wanted to put up a picture of her giving Ben his first dental exam, but I don't have access to all my photos here at Mom and Dad's. Shucks.)


  1. Makes me giggle too. It is so nice that Ben feels relaxed at her practice. I wonder if he would feel that way anywhere else.

  2. We're planning on bringing Chloe in there soon too! She was in love with Lisa at the Braun gathering so I'm sure she'd love it there as much as Ben! I don't think that Chloe even knows that Uncle Pete and Auntie Orla are Lisa's parents! I'm sure if she did Lisa would move up the list pretty quickly! Chloe loves them a lot cuz they're the Greekvilla people! We always end up meeting them there when we go!


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