Twelve: The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again. It's the time when I count down some of my favorite things on each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas. This year I'm going to start the count with a few of my favorite posts from years gone by.

I really do like dumb stuff. I don't have any dumb stuff to put on my list so far, but I'm really hoping that something will come up. I don't think a Twelve Days of Christmas list would be complete without a new dumb stuff post. Here's the dumb stuff I liked last year and the year before:
Actually, now that I'm looking through my lists of favorite things I'm having a hard time picking a few of my favorite posts from years gone by other than these dumb stuff posts. It's hard to pick my favorite favorites. I guess I'll just have to leave it at the dumb stuff, and hope my Christmas wish will come true and I'll find some new dumb thing to post about this year.

I guess that just shows how much I like my Twelve Days of Christmas lists, I can't even narrow down what bits of it I like the most, I just like them all. Sort of like Dairy Queen icecream cake...
Fudge: The best part.

Icecream: The best part.
Icing: The best part.
Cookie Crumbles: The best part.

I can't remember what I was talking about now, all I'm thinking about is whether it's too late to send Glen to Dairy Queen to get me some cake... And wishing I hadn't mentioned it at all since I could have put it on the list of favorite things and written a whole post about it. I could backspace I suppose, but then I'd have to think some more and I need to get to bed so I'm ready for the Willems' Family Christmas Day O' Fun tomorrow... Err... Today. (More about that tomorrow... Which feels like it should be Saturday, because it still feels like Friday because I haven't gone to bed yet, but it will actually be Sunday.)


  1. The other tree is not up so the goose is still packed away in a box. It just won't seem the same without her. That wreath makes me laugh every time I see it. Have a fun day.

  2. i love the wreath... and all the comments that went along with the post.... that wreath makes me think of my dad... one year he made a huge wreath for the church... and the next year... wouldn't you know it wound up at our house... that thing was horrible lol... i think it might still be downstairs at mom and dads... i hope mom threw it out

  3. Bev!!!!!!!! What do you mean, "What's funny about the wreath?" You're joking right? It's HUGE! That's a virtual planetoid! It has it's own weather system!!!!

    (Oh, and Mom, if you think that Christmas is going to pass by without me digging through whatever box is necessary to produce that angel with that goose sitting on her arm, you don't know me very well. Except that you do, which makes me wonder if you're stoned right now?)

  4. (Maybe Bev is stoned too.)

    (I know Trav is.)

  5. (Oh and Trav, I have Balderdash on my list of things to pack. I promise that this year it will happen.)

  6. (I like commenting on here. It's so friendly.)

  7. that wreath is hilarious!

    and yes Trav it did get thrown out finally. Dad Actually made it for our house and I had it up one year then it moved to the church where it took up one front wall. It was there for a few years and them it went to the dump.

  8. beck.... i'm glad to hear about balderdash.... if worse comes to worse, i do have the original version still too... and i think i might go out and buy the new one yet too

  9. I am kind of curious to know if you sent Glen for the cake. Did you?

  10. Hi Becky, I guess I like really big things :)...wish Geoff had caught on to that 11 years ago when he picked out my engagement ring...ooops, don't tell him I told you that...just thinking about that today and seeing way too many diamond commercials...anyway, nice wreath!:)

  11. (SSSHHHHHHH!!!!

    X-nay mentio-nay the cake-ay!!

    It's frak'n 30 below outside!!!)


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