Two: Bubble Lights

Have you ever seen these before? I've only ever seen them in one place: My mom and dad's Christmas tree. I love them. You really have to see them in action to get how pretty they are bubbling away on a tree. So glittery and magical. Mom only set up her new "fancy" Christmas tree this year. All of the fun stuff, including the bubble lights, usually gets put up on the fun tree in the basement, but this year everything got a late start and the awesome tacky Christmas stuff that I love was still in boxes when we got here. So I got out my sister's little tree and took it to Gramma's and set it up with my favorite decorations, including the Angel and her goose and, of course, the bubble lights. It looks fab. I love it.

Here is a video of someone's bubble lights in action. If I get time I'll try to upload some video of the tree the boys and I set up, but I'm thinking I won't get time.)


  1. Oooooh those are pretty special. My Mom also has a fancy tree and a "fun" tree. No bubble lights though. I think it's awesome that you brought everything to your Grandma's house for you guys to enjoy.

  2. WOW! If this is Number 2... I can't wait to see number 1! haha!

    It sounds like everyone is healthy and for that, I praise the LORD!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas, Brauns!

  3. I love my fancy is all sparkle and glitter.

  4. Those are fabulous lights Becky!! I totally get how you say there are some things at your parents that should not be left in boxes...with us it is "Metro". He is an old Ukranian singer who mocks up a bunch of seasonal hits and we have been listening to it since I was about 3 or 4...its just not Christmas without it. Anyway, take good care and enjoy Santa's busy day!

  5. @Bev: We had the Metro Christmas album. LOL My favorite was Walking In your "Winter Underwear" Sang to Walking In A Winter Wonderland. I wonder if we still have that? Now I want to go and find it. We would have to listen to it in the garage. That is the only place that we have a working turntable. I wonder if Becky would like that. Hahahah!


  7. I love bubble lights! I'm not sure why I never got myself any.


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