Mom and Dad are leaving Seattle. Yes people, you heard me right. Because Dad's stupid (I'm pretty grumpy right now, and this sort of name-calling is really quite mild compared to what I'd like to say) Saskatoon doctors couldn't be bothered to do the usual three-month follow up bone marrow biopsies, Mom and Dad (and the rest of us) were quite shocked to learn that there is 30% cancer cells in his bone marrow. This means that he needs more chemo (probably two or three more rounds) before he is ready for his stem cell transplant. And that means that all the fundraising, all the stress, all the work to get ready to go, all the driving, all the money spent was completely wasted.

And now it will all have to be done all over again once Dad's cancer cell levels are brought down to where they are supposed to be. Mom and Dad will have to get their finances together, re-organize their lives, and say a painful goodbye to all of us all over again.

Of course, this could possibly have been avoided if Dad's dumb doctors were on the ball even a little. It might have been avoided if he had been sent for his second transplant within the recommended six months instead of almost a whole year later. It could have been avoided if the doctors dealing with life-threatening illnesses acted less like (I can't help it) pompous, assuming, asses and more like how they would act if it was their family member in danger. But they don't.

I can tell you one thing. If those (apologies again) jerks in Saskatoon think they are going to continue to do a half-assed job of treating Dad's cancer for even one more day, they are going to have to deal with a whole lot of rage coming their way.

If you can't tell, I am just a little upset. On the upside, Ben is really happy that Grampa is coming home to play cars with him.


  1. awww man, I'm SO sorry about of that crap you're dealing with! Makes me sooo mad for you - you guys were my bright light in all of this for my dad....just sucks...tears just thinking about the frustration and disappointments....and more appointments!YUCK!!!
    Becky, I am mad with you right now, wish I could give you a BIG hug....

  2. Becky, there are no words to say to any of you right now but we are praying. That's all I can say..and sorry. Just so sorry for you all.

  3. I can't believe this whole thing. Your mom wrote a blog about getting ready and the things she was going to have to do for your dad. I made a comment, but it wouldn't post. The blog had been removed. A few minutes later she phoned me and told me the news. I am shocked and saddened that they had to go through all this for nothing. I know you will all be happy to have them home again, but it's like being back at square one.

  4. Becky, first of all...a HUGE hug.

    I don't think you need to apologize for being mad. The fears and disappointment that comes with this news kind of knocks us all back on our heels for now. It is impossible to make sense of this right now. And I do think the Dr's here need to be called on there LACK of action.
    There are a lot of people praying for you all
    I love you

  5. NO! I can't believe this. I wish I had the perfect words...so all I will say is - that sucks.

  6. I understand your anger. Very frustrating.

  7. Oh Becky, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sue is right; you have every right to be angry and you don't need to apologize one bit...I wish there was something tangible we could do...but I will be praying for them and all of you!


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