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For Sale: Again

The offer on our house collapsed on Monday. I have to tell you, due to some very tight and rapidly approaching possession dates, I'm SO relieved.

Of course, this means the house is back on the market. Even though that means less stress, in my eyes anyways, it means more work I guess. I have lots of odd jobs to finish, (baseboards, closet doors, some painting, etc.) and now I'll have to try to keep things clean so we're always ready for viewings. It's all nice and clean today because it's the real estate agent open house. You should see this place. Actually, you probably will, because I will take pictures to remember our first house in all it's lovely sparkling clean glory. Glen and I are feeling a bit melancholy about selling it, since it is looking nicer than it ever has before. Sigh. Oh well. Hopefully the next house won't take us four years to get it to where this one is right now. It's a good thing I like painting and sawing because I see a lot of b…


So even though we weren't allowing viewings of the house till next Monday, our house is sold. I'd go into details about multiple offers and conditions, but honestly, I'm completely thrashed right now. Just the thought of having to finish the work on this house and be out of here in three weeks is overwhelming, let alone the thought of getting the new house ready to move into and the all the work of making it nice. Oh yeah, did I mention? We bought a new house too. This ALL happened last night. With one phone call our real estate agent informed us that our offer on the new house had been accepted with no counter offer and that we had two offers on our house.

If I sound less excited than I should it's only because I am TIRED. I'd write out a list of all the stuff that made me tired, but reading lists like that tends to irritate me, so I'll spare you. I'll get excited when a bit more of the work is behind me.

I have to lay the blame for the dizzying speed that a…

For Sale

I really can hardly believe we're doing this. I blame Melissa. If I hadn't seen the pretty little baby room she made for Abigail I would never have got it into my head to move into a bigger house before our baby comes. (I was planning on waiting till a few months afterwards.) But I did see it. And it was very pretty. And, even though I'm fairly certain I won't manage to make a room as pretty as the one Melissa made, all of my nesting instincts screamed at me that I needed to have at least a room for the baby... So, the for sale sign went up at our house this afternoon, and we made an offer on a new house tonight. It's a little surreal, I have to tell you.

Fingers crossed.


In case you were wondering... I'm sick and haven't been on the computer very much in the last few days. Looking at the screen makes my eyes water. Actually, pretty much everything makes my eyes water, so that's no excuse. Let's try another: Climbing down and then up the stairs to get to the computer makes me dizzy. Also accurate, but also true of almost everything right now. How about: I don't feel like it. While this one is true of most everything as well, I find that the "I don't wanna" excuse is pretty much the be all and end all of excuses, since it's not so much of an excuse but more of a reason.

I'm going back upstairs. There's only regular no name tissues down here and I only use this stuff when I'm sick. Oh, and Ben says, "Tell it to the judge." Thanks buddy. I will.



I've Been Waiting for a Picture

Look at her.

That's my new favorite girl in the whole world, my niece, Abigail Dawn. She's cute hey? My sister-in-law is my second favorite girl for having her just in time for me to hold her before we had to come home to Yorkton. She makes the cutest little noises. (Abigail, not Melissa.) It was super hard for me to resist making a break for it with her (again, Abigail, not Melissa) on Saturday, and it's very hard for me to resist planning a visit to Saskatoon this month so I can hold her (Abigail) for longer than I got to hold her at the hospital.

It's a good thing I'm already pregnant because all of that soft sweet cuteness makes me want one of my own. (And don't even get me started on her squishy little cheeks.)

Home: Where the Guilt is Waiting

Coming home is nice. I missed my bed. I missed my TV. I missed my computer. I missed my friends. I missed my fridge with all the beautiful Christmas photos on it:
I didn't miss the guilt though. Everywhere I look around there is something waiting to get done. Even our beautiful fridge covered in smiling faces makes me feel a little guilty. (I still haven't mailed out my Christmas cards. Sorry people. They're coming. THIS WEEK. I mean it.) And then there are all the repairs and stuff that needs cleaning... We need to sell our house and buy a new one sometime this year, which means all the things that I've been putting off (the bathroom, the trim and baseboards, the missing floor in the closet, the basement stairway, etc.) are staring me in the face asking me, "When are you going to finish me? You better get going! Time's running out!"

It's very tempting to just sell this sucker and take whatever price we can get for it as it is. Tempting, but that would…