Home: Where the Guilt is Waiting

Coming home is nice. I missed my bed. I missed my TV. I missed my computer. I missed my friends. I missed my fridge with all the beautiful Christmas photos on it:
I didn't miss the guilt though. Everywhere I look around there is something waiting to get done. Even our beautiful fridge covered in smiling faces makes me feel a little guilty. (I still haven't mailed out my Christmas cards. Sorry people. They're coming. THIS WEEK. I mean it.) And then there are all the repairs and stuff that needs cleaning... We need to sell our house and buy a new one sometime this year, which means all the things that I've been putting off (the bathroom, the trim and baseboards, the missing floor in the closet, the basement stairway, etc.) are staring me in the face asking me, "When are you going to finish me? You better get going! Time's running out!"

It's very tempting to just sell this sucker and take whatever price we can get for it as it is. Tempting, but that would be dumb. I need Holmes on Homes... For like four hours. No, eight. I think eight hours of Mike and his team would just about cover all the little jobs that need doing around here and get this place ready for sale. Could someone ask him to come out here?

It doesn't help (or maybe it does help) that I'm in my third trimester and my nesting urges are starting to feel compelling. I'm expecting that by next week sometime I'll be painting the bathroom. (Last time I painted the basement, so the bathroom should be a snap compared to that.) I wish I knew more about plumbing and wiring, because I'm pretty sure that even a little more knowledge than I presently possess, combined with my nesting urges, could pretty much have this place ship shape by the time the baby gets here.

I wonder what Mike Holmes could accomplish in his third trimester... It boggles the mind.


  1. Gosh, your home sounds like mine. I look around at all the things I still need to finish and do and think to myself, "I'll just move. I'll just leave everything here the way it is and move somewhere and start all over in a place that needs nothing done."
    haha. Then I remember that no matter where you live, eventually, something needs to be done. And, really, I do enjoy my projects when I have time for them.

  2. My place needs reorganizing. Your dad is going to build me some shelves in the laundry room. I am excited.

  3. HI Becky,
    Just love to hear of your new little niece :) But this post concerns me greatly...are you really going to do all this heavy manual labor when you are seriously pregnant?? OH dear Becky...and you guys are moving?Yikes...please take it easy!


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