So even though we weren't allowing viewings of the house till next Monday, our house is sold. I'd go into details about multiple offers and conditions, but honestly, I'm completely thrashed right now. Just the thought of having to finish the work on this house and be out of here in three weeks is overwhelming, let alone the thought of getting the new house ready to move into and the all the work of making it nice. Oh yeah, did I mention? We bought a new house too. This ALL happened last night. With one phone call our real estate agent informed us that our offer on the new house had been accepted with no counter offer and that we had two offers on our house.

If I sound less excited than I should it's only because I am TIRED. I'd write out a list of all the stuff that made me tired, but reading lists like that tends to irritate me, so I'll spare you. I'll get excited when a bit more of the work is behind me.

I have to lay the blame for the dizzying speed that all of this happened at Mom and Ben's feet. They prayed yesterday afternoon that we would sell our house so we could move into the new house with all the nice closets. (Ben loves the closets. I think he thinks I'm going to leave them all nice and empty for him to play in.)


  1. Yaaaaayaaaaa!!!! That is GREAT news...not the extreme tiredness...but all the other stuff. So much going on - but seriously girl...go put your feet up - you're creating a life for crying out loud. Us prego's need our rest! :) All the best with the move! Can't wait to see the new house.

  2. Exciting news! Have fun putting together a girly nursery!

  3. Isn't it amazing how fast a thought can go blazing into reality sometimes?
    I'm sorry you're tired but it will all come together and you will be glad!

  4. I cannot believe how fast that all happened! WOW!!
    Good thing you have some great prayers in your house :)
    Hope the move goes well.

  5. WOW!! Congratulations Becky and Glen, there is nothing more powerful than the prayer of a child, go Ben go!! I wish I could help you Becky...I really do. Three weeks...yikes. That will be over in a flash. Hope you get some rest in there...

  6. That was just nuts! Unbelievable!

  7. Wow. That was crazy quick! I am happy for you though! It's funny, kids sure do have a thing for empty closets. My two loved the empty closets of open houses too. I guess it goes hand in hand with play houses and tents. Their own little spaces.

    Take care of yourself!


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