Can't Talk, Painting.

Things are very busy here at Willems central, if you don't believe me then you should know that I have three weeks of Grey's Anatomy and last week's Survivor episode on tape and I have no idea when I'm going to watch them. They're just sitting there. Here's why:
  • We took possession of the new house on Monday. I bought some paint.
  • On Tuesday we took down all of the venetian blinds and curtains, had someone come to remove all of the junk that the previous owners had left behind, ripped out the carpet from one of the bedrooms, pulled off all of the bedroom baseboards and trim, took down all of the cupboard doors in the kitchen and wiped out the inside of the cupboards, discovered that the carpet underlay had been glued to the sub-floor, discovered that a pipe coming out of our water meter had a hole in it and squirted water when we turned it on, discovered that the water heater leaked when we turned it on, and managed to get one third of one of the bedroom floors scraped clean. (This was not encouraging since that little bit that got scraped took at least four hours, meaning that we probably had at least 32 hours of scraping ahead of us.)
  • On Wednesday we rented an electric floor scraper, scraped the remaining floors, (in about 2 hours, sweet) pulled of the rest of the trim and baseboards and took down all the closet doors, primed and painted the ceiling and closet in one bedroom, scraped the stipple off of the ceiling in another bedroom, had a plumber repair the pipe with the hole, had a plumber check our water heater, had a plumber put in a new water heater, (Sigh, $900.00) and I managed to watch a movie that I rented over a week ago. Oh yeah, and I turned down a job offer. It didn't seem like a good idea to take on a maternity leave Kindergarten teaching position right now. Sigh.
I don't know what we'll manage to get done today, but I'm counting on getting some colored paint up on the walls today. I need some motivation, and priming things is not motivating. I'm also counting on putting up a new church bulletin board since I promised I would. I'm not counting on getting to watch Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. Double sigh.

But hey, I updated the blog!


  1. YOUR AMAZING! Josh is getting better, thanks for praying...take it easy there, the church bulletin board can wait..(In my opinion :))

  2. Not that amazing. Today I did get color up on the walls, but only one coat. And I did do the church bulletin board, but I only got half of it done.

    I did watch 40 minutes of Grey's though, which is pretty impressive.

    This baby is kicking the crap out of me. When will this be over?

  3. (Oh yeah, April first. Never mind.)

  4. Wow Becky! I also think you are amazing. Being pregnant, having two little boys to look after AND doing all that!!! That's impressive. Hope it all goes smooth from here on in.

  5. I am impressed! That is an awful lot to get done. be careful!

  6. The baby is saying slow down!

    Take some pictures. I want to see the color. It is hard sitting out here. I want to be in on the fun. I feel like jumping on the bus.

  7. So... JUMP!!!

    (I think the green that I picked for Ben and Sam's room may be a teeeeeny bit to bright. Ben and Sam like it though, so I'm not changing it.)

  8. Becky, I am in awe. I got tired and stressed out just reading about all you got done.

    I agree with your Mom. The baby is kicking you to tell you to slow down.

    I'm still totally in awe.

  9. I didn't do all that stuff. I helped. Notice I said WE. I'm fine, don't worry. I still have a very strong leaning towards laziness that prevents me from completely overdoing it. Plus there's the nausea. I don't do anything before noon.

  10. Sounds fun and exciting to me. Is there a bus from Seattle to Saskatchewan?


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