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Well, as long as after all this we end up settling down happily... I suppose I can deal with all the work it takes to make the many changes. Sigh. It's a good thing Mom's here.
I like it when she's in the surrounding vicinity, because she really does take good care of me. (I just need her for a little longer Dad, then I promise I'll send her back.)

In other news, I had an ultrasound on Monday. I asked the technician to check and make sure that Hannah hadn't grown any bits that she shouldn't have... If she was indeed a Hannah of course. If she wasn't then the bits would be perfectly appropriate. Anyways... still no bits! AND she's flipped the right side down, which is why I think my heartburn and bladder pain (and WAY too constant peeing) seem to have diminished. I am feeling much more comfortable than I was a week ago. Actually, not at this present moment. At this present moment I am decidedly uncomfortable, but I'm tired and Hannah is doing some kind of stretching exercises that may be helping her with her flexibility, but are causing significant discomfort to my organs and the poor skin and muscle that is stretched to the limits trying to keep her from bursting out of my stomach like that alien from that movie.

That's about all from here. It's mostly working, hanging out with my mom, and Hannah kicking the crap (or pee) out of me. I will tell you one thing before I drag myself up the stairs to bed though... I may have been slightly over-ambitious when it came to my painting plans for the boys' room. (Don't tell Glen.) I wonder why grass and sky and road and clouds and trucks and planes and cars ever sounded like a one or two day job to me? Pfft.


  1. Yes, been there, done that...about the sky, grass, clouds, etc. I found it was easier to block out the colors first, then go back in and do the details. I did the first two blocks as a strip of green (with hills, basic like when you were in grade school) and then the sky came down to meet that. From there I did the clouds. Then you can take your time filling in the details of roads and cars and planes and maybe a tree and a house or two. I wish I could be there to help. It really sounds like fun!
    That's funny you worry about Hannah "growing bits". My son Jeren was a "girl" in the ultrasound. But that was way back in the OLD days. He is twenty now. I was going to name him Graceanna Sophia, after two very special friends of mine. Unfortunately, the name did not fit. It was plain to see as soon as they flipped him over and the "bits" were exposed. haha. I'm sure your Hannah is really a Hannah, though. The ultrasounds are so much clearer now and they do them more than once.

  2. Considering it took me 2 days to paint stripes in Noah's room and 3 days in Abbey's...I'd say 2-3 days is a little ambitious. And my stripes were only on one wall. Too bad I didn't have a vehicle. I'd come paint with you. Well, a vehicle and a babysitter.

  3. I wish I had the energy you do! I am not sure witch is more energy zapping... being pregnant or turning 50. I would have always said pregnancy but now that I have reach this wonderful milestone in my life all I want to do is sleep.

    Good for you for making your kids rooms so fun. I wish had done more of that with mine. Sounds like a big job. Have fun!

  4. You are almost finished. You can always finish the edging on the roads and the rest of the clouds after you move in with very little mess. It all sure is looking good and I am glad I got to see some of the progress and got to paint some closets and ceilings. Hahaha!


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