Fine. I'll do it.

I've been tagged on facebook about 25 times to post "25 random things about me" so I figure I should give this a go. Plus, my sister-in-law did hers, and it was awesome. Mine won't be as awesome because I feel way too dumb to do this and because I'm not as awesome, but I'd like to be. Taking all that into consideration, I'm going to cut myself some slack and just post 25 random things about me and other stuff. Here goes:
  1. Lately, when Ben gets mad at Glen or me, he tells us that he's going to marry someone else. Who is that someone else? You can't guess? It's Grampa. Tonight was the latest episode. I told him, "Fine. Call Grampa and tell him." Then I started dialing the phone. "You tell Grampa why you want to marry him instead of us, and ask him if that sounds okay." He got embarrassed and told me he'd changed his mind. LOL. I totally called his bluff and it totally worked.
  2. (I'm already out of random things. Hmmm... Do dee do... Uhhhhh... Got one.) Sammy wanted some of my nachos tonight and I told him they were too hot and would burn his little tongue so he got out his bubble blowing fan thingy and proceeded to "cool" them off.
  3. We signed all the mortgage papers at the bank today. We're going to keep back some of the profit we make off of this house and I have big and wild fantasies about spa tubs and glass tile in the kitchen. Glen says we have to pay off our credit cards. This causes me to make a farting noise with my lips which causes Sammy to resume his farting noises.
  4. Sammy has been making farting noises with his lips for the last two days. We can't make him stop.
  5. I missed Grey's Anatomy this week. I've been meaning to watch it on the computer, but I hardly ever get to use this thing anymore.
  6. My favorite color is green. I think this may be one of the many reasons I find winter to be so depressing.
  7. Water is incredibly soothing to me. I love baths. LOVE THEM. I also love sitting beside, or looking at, any sort of water. This can be in a swimming pool, at a beach, or beside a river. It can even be our tiny plastic paddling pool in our backyard. I love walking in puddles. My first trip to the ocean blew my mind. "Peace washing over me" is a completely literal explanation of how water makes me feel.
  8. It's really hard to keep your house PERFECTLY clean with two little kids.
  9. It's even harder when your stupid pregnancy nausea comes back full force two months before you are due to give birth. Frickin. (Since I'm whining here, I'll also mention that I'm back on stupid diclectin, which makes me so tired that I feel like I'm going to pass out most afternoons if I don't take a nap. Now I'm grumpy.)
  10. (Glen, don't read this one.) I am not happy with my new camera and I want to buy another one. (Don't tell Glen.)
  11. (Holy crap. This is only 11? How did the rest of you people come up with 25 of these things? Ummmm... Here's one:) When I was little I always named my Barbies Sylvia. I got the name from the back of some beautiful high school student's grad jacket. She lived right across the street from the hockey rink, and sometimes I followed her home. (She had no idea. I don't think. I'm pretty sure anyways.)
  12. When I am pregnant I mostly just look like I've gained weight. I don't get that cute, round, beachball belly that many women get. That's part of the reason why I may pat yours if you happen to be one of those women.
  13. I like Starbucks and NOT Tim Horton's. I hate Tim Horton's.
  14. I'm chatting with one of my Aunty Margarets on facebook right now. I have three Aunty Margarets. This one likes 24 and she's going to watch it in a couple minutes.
  15. (15? Seriously? This is SO hard.) Can one of my random facts be that I think 25 random facts is way too hard? It can if I say it can, and I say it.
  16. The other thing that I've been fantasizing about using some of our house money for is to get my teeth fixed this year. I hate my teeth and thus, I hate my smile, and thus I hate getting my picture taken. This makes me sad for one reason: I have hardly any pictures of my mom and me together when I was little and I wish I had more. I want the boys to have more pictures of me with them, but not enough to want to be in the pictures very often. Sigh.
  17. Sammy is here now. On me. He wants me to go onto YouTube and play some videos for him. I'm going to let him watch one video, "Did you hear that Sammy? ONE song." I'll tape it for you so you can watch too:

    Sigh. He wants another song. "I want dat one."
    "I told you, only one song Sammy." (Now he's crying.)
  18. As I've already mentioned, I'm not on the computer very much lately, and YouTube is one of the main reasons. Ben and Sam hog the computer for hours watching videos on YouTube.
  19. At this very moment Hannah is totally kicking the crap out of me.
  20. I say "totally" and "crap" more than I probably should.
  21. In case my last post made you wonder, I peed 27 times yesterday. I kept track in my purple polka-dot notebook for 24 hours. If 27 times doesn't seem like a lot to you, then think about the fact that I did go for 2 or 3 stretches of 2 or 3 hours at a time without peeing during the night. And I managed to hold it all the way through church.
  22. (22. Almost there. Thank goodness. Ummm...) I don't like having long fingernails. I keep mine very short. Usually, I cut them as soon as they have any white showing.
  23. I bet I have at least 20 pairs of pajamas. 10 of them are pairs I wear on a daily basis. I could use a few more pairs.
  24. Today we opened new accounts at the Bank of Montreal. Because we are using some of the house money to pay off our dumb student loans, we don't have to have Royal Bank accounts anymore. This makes me really happy, since I hate the Royal Bank almost as much as I hate Tim Horton's. See ya lata suckas! We are outa here!
  25. I say I hate things more than I probably should.
Phew. I made it. For a while there, in the early teens, I didn't think I could do it. But I did. It just goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to.
  1. Want one more random thing about me? I hate it when people say "You can do anything you put your mind to." That's bull crap. You can't do anything just because you put your mind to it. For example: I couldn't be an NHL hockey player. It's a complete impossibility. Neither could I make my hair grow faster just by pulling on it, or eat 100 gallons of ice cream in one day. It just can't be done. Sometimes you just have to face facts. Deal with that.
(That last part made no sense. I just like saying, "Deal with that.")


  1. Who is Tim Horton?
    We are a lot of like. I, too, have the water thing and used to drive to the waterfront up in Seattle to get my bearings when I felt unsettled about something.
    I think almost everyone I know has at least one Aunt Margaret. I had two.

  2. Good job. It took me all day to write my 25 things. I had to dig deep.

    I am soooo jealous that you get to pay off your student loans. SO JEALOUS. The thought of paying off our loans makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I'd take paid off loans over glass tile any day. Maybe.

  3. Becky...I hate my teeth too. I "never" smile because I'm so self-conscious about it, my pics with my kids don't show half the emotion of joy and happiness I feel for them because of makes me feel stunted and I quite honestly feel handicapped. I have wished a thousand times that I could get them fixed. You should ask Glen if you can make an investment in yourself, your future, and Hannah's future. It will effect her. Her mom's self esteem will rub off on her. My mom NEVER smiles for pictures and I finally asked her why...she said she doesn't like her teeth...they are false teeth for goodness sake - they are perfect!!! But her teeth were bad as a child and the habit/feeling stuck...and then she gets mad at me for not smiling...Becky, you have the power to change it!!!! You know I think you are so beautiful Becky, but if something is bothering it for your kids...just my personal opinion. Love you Honey!

  4. I love being by water too. It calms me.

    I would rather see you fix your teeth than have glass tiles. They are more important by a long shot.

    I love my Tim Hortons. I am sad that we will be heading back to Seattle through Montana because that means No Tims in the morning.

    I wish Ben could marry grandpa... for a day or two anyway.

    The reason for few pictures is that we did not have a good camera and your father took hardly any pictures back then. I regret it too.

    I did not know you named your Barbies, Sylvia! What strange things a person can learn form these lists.

    Thanks for the Sammy video. I love them. Grandpa and I sing along with him.

    Yeash! You mean I have to give up my dreams of becoming a NHL hockey player. I am bummed.

  5. Good job Becky! Love the video of Sammy.

    I want glass tiles too!

    I had bad teeth all of my teenage years, even for my wedding! I wish I could have had a nice smile sooner. Go for the teeth!!!

  6. way to go - 25 things is hard to get to!! I LOVE BATHS too - biggest regret when we built this house - not to have a jacuzzi tub put in....maybe some day...sigh!
    I hate my teeth too - funny thing though - I don't care anymore, and smile big and wide...maybe that's a bad thing!
    I guess we can never go to Tim's if we ever get to meet, good thing that I also like Starbuck's....someday on the way to visit family in Alberta I'm going to call you up to go for coffee!

  7. I couldn't live without Tim Horton's. I almost never go to Starbucks. I still have a Starbucks gift card from last May that I got for my birthday from one of my students. Even now, while typing this, my computer underlines in red the word Starbucks, but not Tim Horton's. LOL

  8. Bad teeth is one thing... Rotting and chipping away baby teeth is a completely different thing. If I leave this much longer I won't have any teeth left there at all, not that no teeth is much worse than teeny tiny little brown stubs. Lisa's gonna fix it for me though. :)

  9. #25 is SO true! I often roll my eyes when I hear that phrase!

  10. This makes me laugh. Aaaah, I miss you - you are so quirky. But nothing makes me laugh more than to know that you used to stalk a girl named Sylvia. Heh heh. I don't know why I find that so amusing...

  11. We have a lot in common dear Becky. But hating Timmies is not one of them. I loooooooooooooooove me my Tim's.

    When we sold our house in the city and moved into our little town, paying off the student loans was the incentive. We were also able to pay off our van. I am completely in love with our decision. I wish I had gotten my teeth fixed. Next year is my year. At least that is what I'm putting out into the cosmos. I hope you can get yours done!

  12. Becky what did I do wrong. Maybe call me. I uploaded a photo with my profile and it didn't show up.


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