If you were going to visit a friend of yours and you wanted to park near their house but your only available options were:
  1. Park in front of your friend's driveway, thus possibly blocking your friend's car in, but since you're there anyways you can always move your vehicle if someone needs to get out.
  2. Park a little further down the street, not too far, but a little further than ten steps away from the front door.
  3. OR
  4. Park in front of the neighbor's driveway. They don't need to go anywhere. In fact, they just got home. You know this because they had to honk to get you to move just so they could pull in.
Which would you choose?

Just wondering, because the option I would choose does not seem to be very popular with my neighbors or their friends... Just as I imagine our request that they move AGAIN in a few minutes when Glen needs to drive to the new house will not be very popular. Good thing we're moving.


  1. How cold is it outside?

    I'd block them in. Besides, who leaves when they have company?

  2. I'd definitely park up the street.

  3. In front of the friends driveway! I'm guessing your neighbors have company and they blocked your driveway!

  4. Why are people so inconsiderate? I just don't get it anymore. No matter how cold it is, I just can't see why it would be ok to block the driveway of someone you don't even know. I personally think I would have had to come up with a trillion reasons to come and go so I could keep asking them to move the car. haha.

  5. I still would have phoned the police and got them to hand out a nice ticket. That would have given them a real reason to cuss instead of cussing because you asked them to move their car.

    Anyway, it is one more reason to be happy about moving. True.

  6. Oooh. I get it. Who blocks in another persons driveway! Sorry, I'm confused all the time now. I agree with Cindi.


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