I'm not feeling very bloggy lately. I think it's because I'm too dumb right now to come up with anything more to say than just general "I did this today" and "I went there yesterday" type stuff. Boring. But here comes some of that for those of you who need to be in the know.

Last night I got up to pee about 14 times. I am not kidding or exaggerating. I swear this baby has her knee resting right on my bladder, because if I have more than a teaspoon of urine in there, it is incredibly painful. I have to go immediately EVERY SINGLE TIME I stand up. Maybe tomorrow I will keep count all day to see how many times I go pee in a 24 hour period. Just for interests sake. I won't tell you about it though, since I'm pretty sure I am the only one interested.

We got a new offer on our house today. I'm pretty sure it's because of the amazing new baseboards and trim I put up last week. That, and all the Febreeze Ben sprayed just before the showing. (He soaked the carpet completely. I had to leave a note so that the people coming to look wouldn't get their socks wet.)

We get possession of our new house next weekend. I'm jazzed to get in there and paint and put in laminate in the bedrooms. I love putting in laminate. I wonder though, if I will love it as much doing it eight months pregnant? Maybe not, but it will still be fun. And really, SO much easier than after we move in.

It is looking like my dad and mom will be heading back to Seattle in just a few weeks. My feelings are all mixed up again. I'm excited and depressed and nervous and glad that it's coming home so soon. I just want this done and dad home on the road to recovery. It's hard to think about the fact that if they'd stayed there the first time they'd probably be starting to talk about coming home this month. Sigh. I'm sad that they won't be here to see Hannah till she is already a few months old. I'm going to miss having my mom come and stay with me right after the baby is born. Would any of you like to come and stay? (Not a joke.) (Seriously.) (Wanna come?)


  1. Just make sure that you DO NOT over do it all. Wish I lived closer. I could supervise and make sure that you behave yourself. I hope by Monday that they can give us a little better idea of when we leave.

  2. Hannah!!! This is the first I've heard the little one's name. It meets this Becky's approval.

    And I'm with ya on the toughness of being away from family -- probably more than you know.

    Much love.

  3. aww, I wish I lived closer - I LOVE babies, and would for sure come and help you!
    Thinking about you lots with you parents getting ready to leave again...and sorry that they won't be there when Hannah is born....oh the sacrifices that have to be made! But in the end - it will be worth it for your dad to get rid of that stupid MM. So glad that it can work for someone!

  4. I would like to know how many times you pee in a day. Honestly. That genuinely sounds interesting to me.

    I'm sorry that your parents aren't going to be there when little Hannah is born (such a cute name!) I would LOVE to come and stay with you. Seriously. You've no idea how much I'd love to come and visit.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could come stay with you! I would love that. I love new babies and taking care of them. I would thoroughly enjoy spending time with your boys, too! I miss my boys being little.

  6. After running into your husband many, many, many times today and the other night, I figured perhaps it was the Universe's way of telling me to come and tune in here.
    Lots happening in your world.
    I hope the house sells and you can move into the new house without the worry of two mortgages.
    So Miss Hannah is making you do the pee pee dance eh? I bet she'll keep you hopping when she arrives as well. Maybe this is her way of getting you ready!
    I also wish the best for your dad as he and your mom travel back to Seattle.
    Drop me an email..
    your Hussy

  7. Maybe we won't leave for a while and Mom and I can come and help you do the floors. Mom is not very good with tools but good with little boys. Take it easy.

  8. whoa. did i miss the post when you announced her name??? or was this it??? soooo exciting! love it!!!

  9. Hi Sweetheart, my heart goes out to you with the timing of your parent's leave for Washington. I can only imagine how tough that is going to be on all of you when Hannah comes. I do still remember your need and our conversation about it at Christmas time, I just have to weigh all the factors. I want very much to help Becky, I do. Its just a little complicated...but good news...majority of this dayhome is over at the end of February!! I love you Becky, take care of yourself!

  10. I wish I lived closer to come help out . . . I LOVE babies . . . and I think it's cool that you've stuck with the name for so long. I remember you posting about a girls' name quite a long time ago. My first born was born almost 10 years ago and we'd probably still use the girl name we had from back then if we were blessed to have a daughter anytime soon. If a name has staying power, it's a good name.
    I'll pray that your house sells and for you too regarding the feelings surronding your parents' leaving for Washington.

  11. You have a good memory Kim!

    Also, do you know? I love you guys? I do. Very VERY much. I wish you could all come. Each comment made me imagine what it would be like to have each of you here... Sigh. Just the fantasies were fun!

    And, Hussy and Martha. I do owe you emails. Don't think I've forgotten because it takes me a day or two to get to them. It's just that I want to do them justice and things are dumb busy here. (I totally shouldn't have spent the last hour writing that dumb 25 things post.) (And I really do say "totally" too much don't I?)

  12. Awww, I love you, too. Did I ever tell you how when I think about hanging out with you, it's always eating Hickory Sticks in our bathrobes and holey pyjamas?


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