Poor Fizzbit

Get this: Fizz, our cat, has breast cancer. Sigh. Yes, go ahead and laugh with disbelief or whatever. That's what I did when I found out.

Our vet told us that 90 to 95 percent of tumors in cats are benign and that with surgery she'd probably be fine. Our vet is either dumb or a liar, since any of the web sites I looked at stressed that over 85 percent of tumors in cats are malignant and that a poor prognosis is almost always given to owners with cats that have ulcerated tumors the size of the tumor Fizz has. Actually, one site listed a prognosis of only two or three months.

I'm sad. And mad. Fizz is the only cat I still like, and it upsets me that our vet didn't give us the right information to make an informed and compassionate decision. Here we've been agonizing over whether to pay for the very expensive surgery that our vet was pushing on us as almost a sure thing, and in all likelihood the poor cat is very sick and only going to get much sicker... Surgery or no surgery. The sad thing is I would have trusted the vet and possibly gone through with the useless (and did I mention very expensive?) treatment. I wouldn't have even looked up information on her condition but for something that happened yesterday. Yesterday Glen found a gob of blood and saliva on our carpet, which probably got coughed up by poor Fizzy, and likely means that the cancer has metastasized to her lungs.

Anyways... We've decided to have her put to sleep on Friday. I know I complain about the cats all the time, and I haven't loved them the way I used to since we started having kids, but it's still upsetting. Both Glen and I are depressed. So, sigh. That's what's going on here right now. If you're interested. I know I'll feel better once it's all over, but right now I'm having a hard time putting things into perspective. She is just a cat, after all, but I can't help thinking about how happy she used to make me before we had kids, and back when she was my best friend.

I'm going to go watch some TV and eat some chocolate (that'll absolutely give me heartburn, but it will be worth it) to try to cheer myself up.


  1. Give Fizzbit one more pat on the bum from me....

    I'm sorry.

  2. I'm so sorry for you, Becky. I'm sorry for Glen and the boys, too. It's not easy saying goodbye to a family pet.

  3. Sometimes those Vet clinics are just a big money grab!!

    I am sorry for you guys. I used to get really mad at Shilo too and threaten to wring his neck myself a few times. But when it came time for him to take that last car ride I found it very hard. We get very attached to our pets.

  4. I hate my cats. They annoy me like no other animal or human can do. They are always in my stuff or on my stuff or messing with my stuff. I say I hate them at least 100 times a day. Yet, I am totally addicted to making them toys, buying them toys, making sure they have food and water, providing them entertainment and they DO have a 146 dollar cat tree.(which they finally use daily as a place to sleep.) As much as they annoy me and try my patience, I can't think of anything worse than having to put one of them down. I'm so sorry for you. It's so sad when one of our four-legged family members has to leave us.
    Here's a great big virtual HUG for you because I know Friday will be hard to get through without tears.

  5. I'm sorry about Fizzbit...

    sending you((Hugs!))

  6. She will go to heaven. She will be happy there. Think about that. She can play in the grass all she wants. She can meet up with Jynx and Sweetums.

  7. Oh I'm sorry to hear this Becky. I hope this situation doesn't stress you out too much as you deal with everything else...but I know that is a long shot. You have a lot on your plate right now, it kills me not to be there to help. You aren't going to get all emotional and give Hannah a second name of Fizz are you? :(

  8. You know my feelings for cats, so we won't go there. But of all the cats I have known in the past, Fizz is up there at about #2 or 3 as far as the best felines out there. I do feel sorry for you guys. I say this with all sincerity, add Fizz to Sams name. Nahhh.


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