Happy Trails

Even though I have to confess to feeling a little melancholy yesterday, today's goodbye was much easier than I anticipated. We even managed to tell Ben without him getting too upset. Part of why this is so much easier than it could have been was that we know they are going to, that cliché of clichés, "a good home".

I'm not sure how we managed it actually. I didn't think anyone would want even one of our cats, but we found someone willing to take all three. Yes, even cancer cat. Of course, Fizz is much to sick to send to a new owner. (Her tumor is growing at an alarming rate, and is getting pretty gross actually.) But today Phoebe and Tubby went off to their new home on a ranch with their owner who sounds pretty excited about her new pets.

Ben likes the idea of his favorite cat Phoebe living on a "farm" with moo moos. He patted her goodbye and waved her off quite happily. What a relief. Sam thinks the cats are going to live at Dairy Queen, since that's where Glen is meeting Nichole, the new owner. All in all, a much less traumatic goodbye than if we'd had to just drop them off at the SPCA. Yay for Kijiji!

In other news, Fizz is still alive. We were supposed to have her put to sleep on Friday, but I wussed out and moved it to this Wednesday. I just wasn't ready on Friday. I'm not sure what makes me think I'll be ready on Wednesday, but... I think I will be. For now, I'm off to watch Bolt with the boys. It's how I'm bribing them to stay at home with me instead of going to the farm with the cats. (Or in Sam's case, instead of going to Dairy Queen.)


  1. Just think how happy they will be in their new home and all the attention that they will get.

  2. If she really wants three (or even five) she can have one or all of mine. I would even pay shipping fees.

  3. I agree. Do they want Abby as well? Do you think Harv would notice if she was suddenly missing?

  4. Perhaps Libby and Shyla would like it there as well.

  5. So, with Toni's contribution on facebook, that makes a total of only nine cats for all of us to be cat free. I'm sure she'd be totally down with that. LOL.


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