Nearly There

There you go. A picture of me pregnant. I wish I'd pulled my pants up a little higher so the bum doesn't look so saggy, but you're probably interested in my stomach and not so much my bum, so I'm not taking another picture. (This picture also makes me wish, just a little, that I'd paid more and bought pants that actually fit, but I cheaped out and bought the ones that were on sale even though they are a size or two too big.)

In other pregnant news, the last few days have been pretty full of Braxton Hicks contractions, which makes it difficult for me to want to do any unpacking or cleaning. At some point I'm going to have to stop laying around on the couch and actually get some work done. Braxton Hicks freak me out a little since I am VERY paranoid about going into labor before the c-section day (April 7). If I do go into labor early my chances of being conscious for the delivery are pretty low and I would like to be conscious. It's depressing to know that your baby's first cries were heard by a roomful of people that really don't care, and it's depressing to miss the first minutes of your child's life. (Like I did with Ben.) So pray I don't go into labor.

Yesterday I went through all of the boys' old baby clothes to pick which of their things I could use for Hannah. At the bottom of one of the bins was my secret stash of girl clothes that I've been buying for years and hiding from Glen. Only so he wouldn't give my that look that said I was setting myself up for disappointment, not because I was trying to hide how much I was spending. I just couldn't resist buying some of it, even with the thought in the back of my mind of how much it would hurt to have to get rid of it if I never had a girl.

And oh! Unpacking it was fun. It was almost like giving myself a mini baby shower since I had forgotten about most of the things I'd stashed. And of course, I was very pleased with how well I knew myself and what I like. I didn't even have to pretend to think any of it was cute while thinking inside, "Yoiks. I won't be putting
that on Hannah! This thing's going straight back to the store." And no shower games. And afterwards I had a Twinkie. All in all a perfect shower. Except of course, that none of you were there.

(Ow! Braxton Hicks again. Jeez that hurts. It reminds me of why I was totally traumatized by Ben's labor. How
DO you people do that over and over again? I better not go into labor... No labor... No labor... No labor.)


  1. I remember those they were not fun!! I hope you do not go into labor either, I will be praying that you don't. Hope they subside a little so you can enjoy the weekend.

  2. I pray that all will be well. I am getting excited for you and the arrival of your little girl. I LOVE having a daughter...

    Oh no, my husband just came home and I am STILL in my PJ's!

  3. Look at that tummy! I love it! I think the reason any of us continues to go through that pain is the same as you choosing to recover from surgery again! The end result is worth whatever you have to go through to get there! Although, I'll be the first to say I'm a chicken when it comes to the pain and can't wait for my epidural so I can enjoy the whole process! I also pray that Hannah will wait just a little longer so that you can hear those first precious cries! And that the Braxton Hicks slow down so you can get settled in before she does make her grand appearance! I don't know how you were able to wait this long to go through all the baby stuff you had packed away!! I already want to pull out all Chloe's old stuff and start filling Lorelei's dresser! The only thing stopping me is I know I would have to wash it all at least 3 times before she come because Chloe would be practicing dressing up her babies. She gives birth to the baby in her tummy just about weekly!

  4. I pray that you make it to April 7th. I had those Braxton hicks things for a whole month with Cindi. Seriously , we thought she was going to be born on Groundhog Day ,(feb 2) but she waited until my Dr. went skiing on the 27th.
    Your mini-shower sounded great. I love that you had a twinki. You're so funny!!!

  5. Becky, you look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    If it gives you any hope - I went into labour, and laboured for 30 hours, and still was conscious for my delivery. It does happen. But I still hope you don't go into labour.

    (Can't believe I just told a labour story. Can't believe I'm a mom...)

  6. I don't feel better, I just feel jealous. You delivered in Winnipeg. I'm delivering in Yorkton. In Yorkton once you are already in labor you can't have a c-section without general anesthetic. Trust me, I've asked.

  7. (Actually, I've even begged.)

  8. stay in there. Grandpa and I want to be there when you come. O.K.? Please?

  9. Oh wow Becky, you look GREAT!!! Show us your face too!! :) The shower sounds fun...take good care of yourself and take it easy. I will pray for you about the whole labor/braxton hicks thing...I can only imagine how that terrifies you.

  10. hang in there Becky. And you, little Hannah, you stay put. I will pray that everything goes according to plan. Can't wait for the summer if I can make it there. I will actually get to meet her and Abigail and Tommy and get reacquainted with Sam, Ben, Cloe, and Noah.

  11. OK... you are STINKIN adorable! You look spectacular! I need to phone you to tell you that, but I wanted a permanent record for you to enjoy! SOOOO CUTE! Thanks for finally posting a picture. We also get to see your spanky new camera... NICE!
    How have you been since Friday? Call me tonite, or I'll call you tomorrow.

  12. Becky this from an old man who doesn't say this to his daughters nearly enough. You are beautiful. Pregnant or not, you look good.

  13. oh I could just totally cry from yuor Dad's comment!!!


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