I went to see my obstetrician today. Apparently, when he told me that the c-section would be happening on April 1st he was... I don't know... An alien who had taken over Dr. Spies body? Stoned? Joking? Today he told me he's booked the c-section for April 7th.

I. Am. So. Relieved.

Three weeks to go till baby is here. Not two. On one hand, I really want this baby to be here. Ben is driving me nuts asking when she's coming, I am (like any pregnant woman in her last month of pregnancy) SO done with being fat and non-bendy, and I just really want this baby to be here. On the other hand, I am NOT ready to have a newborn in the house. We still haven't moved, which means everything is everywhere and seriously... I don't have enough energy to work ten hours a day on packing and unpacking. Now I can take it slow(er). (And maybe paint the kitchen before we move in?) (Don't tell Glen I said that.)

Now I have plenty of time to get myself ready for Hannah. And her birthday will be April 7th, which just sounds so nice. What a nice day to be born, lucky girl. Lucky mommy. (Happy mommy. And much more relaxed mommy. I was starting to stress a little, I have to tell you.) PLUS if her birthday is April 7th that means she will be born on Tuesday, I'll spend one day extra in the hospital (because they'll make me) and then be home on Thursday. Glen gets that Tuesday off, plus the day I come home (Thursday), and then it's Good Friday and he has a whole week off. Could that be more perfect? I don't think so. I'm very pleased. AND no April Fool's Day baby showing up and playing a trick on me by turning out to be a boy. (That was my not-so-secret illogical fear.)

Anyways. I thought you'd all like to know. Mark your calendars!


  1. I am happy for you! that is nice that Glen will be home for the first week.

    Not totally sure, but I think that may be Connor's birthday too.

  2. Sounds good!

    But will we ever see a picture of pregnant Becky?

    Pretty please?

    Signed -- the girl who was in pregnant in a bikini at the top of her blog for 2 years.


  3. April 7 sounds like a great day to be born! We are excited for you guys. Enjoy these last few weeks as a family of two. Relax as much as you can with moving. And enjoy Hannah when she arrives (sounds like you will anyway). Also, perfect timing with the Easter break!

  4. Oh I'm so happy for you all!!! That is a big relief...I knew a woman with an April 1st birthday and she just hated yay Hannah, yay Becky, yay Glen! Hang in there Ben...she's coming. Big hugs to you Becky!! (Talk about blessed!!)

  5. Oh my goodness...I can't wait. Does this mean you will finish the clouds?

  6. Will you ever see a picture of pregnant Becky? I don't know. Plain Becky doesn't really like having her picture taken. Pregnant Becky is even worse. I'll have to ask her and see what she thinks...

    Will I finish the clouds? LOL. Who knows? I am rapidly running out of steam... I'm really hoping for my nesting instincts to get a second wind.

  7. Do you even have any pictures of pregnant Becky? I think you better get Glen to take one or two before it is too late. You will be sorry later. Hannah may need it as proof that you are her mother. I know one of you went through a phase of thinking that they were adopted. I can't remember which one though. Probably Angela. Seems like something that her fertile brain would come up with.


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