The Sound of Silence

The thing (as any parent knows) about preschoolers, is this: As enticing as silence is, as tempting as it is to just enjoy the peace and quiet, silence is bad. I was just thinking to myself, "It sure is quiet up there, I should go and see what those two are up to..." when floating down the stairs I hear Ben's voice, "Sammy did a bad job!" Sigh.

This is the sight that met my eyes:

Actually, the sight that met my eyes was slightly different. Before I got the camera I grabbed something out of Sam's hand which he casually replaced with the toy you see him holding in the photo. What did he have in his hand originally? And why would an almost three-year-old need to tie his older brother to a doorknob with electrical tape? A marker. And so he can be free to do this unobserved and unhindered:
I just painted that closet. You can't see it very clearly, but he did all three walls. And a few scribbles on the green paint too. Of course, since the paint is still fairly fresh, scrubbing the (permanent) marker off scrubs the paint off too. Sigh. Yes, silence is never a good sound, especially when Sam's involved.

(I had to get scissors to untie Ben. You can't see it very well in the picture, but Sam must have gone six or seven times around his waist. I'm considering using the same technique on the little terror so that I can repaint the closet and bottom half of the bedroom without worrying about what "bad job" he'll do next.)


  1. TOO Funny!!! I wonder how Hannah will contribute to the silence? :)

  2. Never a dull moment when it comes to Sammy! Poor Ben...he looks a little dejected. You had better start hiding the scissors. Next they will be into cutting hair.

  3. Oh Boy! I needed a good laugh and I got it! That is the funniest picture ever! I am just surprised that Ben stood still for Sam to tape him up.

    Too too funny...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Hee, Heee, He he !!!

  4. oh the quiet times - i all to well remember those times with my boys!hahahahahah!!! I can laugh now, but then - that was another story! Nice to see that little boys are all the same every where....sorry that you will have to repaint! wish I could come and help you!

  5. What a pair. i would be as dejected as Ben looks if I had just painted and then had to do it all over again. Still, a very funny story.

  6. If the walls are painted in semi-gloss a dry erase marker will take the permanent ink off without scrubbing. My daughter swears by those magic erasers, though! That picture is hilarious.
    And it really does make me miss when my boys were little!

  7. That would be true if the paint hadn't just been put on there a week ago. I used the magic erasers, I'm ALL ABOUT the magic erasers, but even they will take off paint that hasn't completely cured...

    (Last night at around 10:30 I discovered that he had done Hannah's closet too. Monster.)

  8. Oh my goodness. All four of us had a good look and giggle over this picture. Poor Ben. He seems to defy all the standard and expected personality traits that traditionally are the birth right of the first born. I always thought and experienced the older having their way/punishing the younger...Ben; learn how to fight back before Sammy learns some real skills at school!!

  9. Oh goodness.

    I feel for you. I REALLY do.

    But they are just so darn cute in their jammies and slippers.

    I so looove that you captured the moment!!!

  10. And one more reason for me to love Sambot. Lol. Classic.


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