True Love

I could tell you all about how our renovations are going and how I still haven't managed to pack anything even though we were supposed to move yesterday, but I'm sick of thinking about it all so I'm pretty sure you're sick about hearing about it all. Let's talk about my new camera instead.

I love it. Looooooooove it. First of all it's fast. Holy smackerals is it ever fast. I can take pictures (without a flash) as fast as my fingers can push down the button. I feel like a fashion photographer. I think the boys may be starting to get tired of me telling them to work it. I can't help myself though. "Now give me dangerous Sammy! You're a tiger! Work it! Work it!" Click, click, click, click, click click click. Sigh. I just got all goose bumpy talking about how fast that thing is.

You know what else I love?
It takes the prettiest pictures. Clear and sharp and the light! Oh, the light! I haven't been able to take pictures like this since I had my last film camera. I'm just so blissfully happy. When I loaded up that picture of Sam onto our computer I literally burst into tears. I will concede that I am pregnant and ever-so-slightly over-emotional, but even if I wasn't I know this camera would take me to a place that only Taco Bell and Starbucks have taken me before.

Here is the picture of Sammy biggified if you're interested in seeing just how clear and beautiful things are looking over here. (I don't like to put photos on here full-sized. They make it take forever for the blog to load up.)

And the last thing I love about it? (Well, not really the last thing... I could go on and on really.) It wasn't even that expensive since I bought it used from a dear friend whose dear husband is only a phone call away if I need help with it. Could I BE any happier? Probably only a little... Once Hannah gets here and I can dress her up in her Easter outfit and take a hundred clear and beautiful pictures of her.

I do find it a little distracting though... I really should be putting in new drawer liners or painting clouds in Ben and Sam's room. (OR I could take pictures of the drawers and unfinished clouds. What to choose, what to choose...)


  1. Veeerrrry nice!

    I can just imagine you doing your photographer talk to your boys! Funny!

  2. Definitely just take the pictures of the clouds and the drawers and throw all your stuff in contractors bags (sold at Home Depot or any hardware store) and call it packed. Glen can pack up the fragile stuff while you take pictures!

  3. I can totally relate! There really is nothing like a good camera.

    Gorgeous Picture. Just think of all the sweet baby pictures you'll get.

    Now, have you been looking at all the photography sites for photo ideas? This is a distraction of mine.

    There is an awesome one in Saskatoon. I'm sure there are many, but this is a favorite...


  4. Becky you are so funny!! :) This picture of Sammy is to die for...may his skin always look this great! But it does remind me of a question...looking at his red little warm do you make your boy's bath? Geoff says I make the kids baths too hot...I tell them not to be sissy about it...for goodness sakes, if your going to have a bath; enjoy it.

  5. hahaha! Beverly, that's so funny cause I was thinking the same thing about his arms... His bath looks perfectly toasty. I wish it was me peeking over that tub, but it wouldn't be near as cute.
    Beck, I'm happy you finally got a camera you're so happy with. Fall photo shoots will never be the same!

  6. Actually... I usually do run they're baths fairly warm. This one was particularly warm because I had just got out of it. And I like 'em warm.

  7. (Thanks for the link Jen. I got Pioneer Woman from you, I wonder if this one will prove to be just as enthralling?)

  8. What a great picture! It is fun having an awesome camera. Ours is a bit wanting...


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