Since it's looking like I'm not going to get a post about Sam's birthday up this weekend like I wanted to... Here's something that made me cry like a baby.

You know why I think it made my heart just about burst with happiness? I think it's because all of us feel like we have something beautiful inside of us that the world is overlooking. I think it's because all of us sometimes feel like we're judged wrongly and we'd like to be seen for who we really are. I think it's because all of us have wild and crazy dreams that seem completely out of reach.

And sometimes we just need to see the ordinary person reach out and grasp a hold of one of those unreachable dreams... Sometimes we just want to see someone prove the world wrong... Sometimes we need to see the beauty inside a person burst into the spotlight and be really seen for the first time.

I'm gonna go watch it again. Wait. First I'll feed Hannah. Then I'll watch it again.


  1. I agree. I get emotional when I watch it too. Dreams can come true. Like your little precious Hannah.

  2. I have seen that video too! I was amazed!

  3. Your introduction to the you tube video was so much better than mine. What you said is exactly true and it's the same reason why I cry when I watch it (over, and over again). The woman is inspirational.

  4. I love her and I hope she never changes.

  5. W.O.W. ________________ <--insert words i seem to have lost here

  6. I cried too - I watched it this morning. I was a little embarrassed, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.


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