First Easter Sunday

I suppose at some point I need to start up a blog for Hannah of her very own, but since it's only been 6 days I'm assuming I still have time before you all start getting sick of baby picture after baby picture. In the meantime, her she is all ready for church this morning:
I had a different dress that I bought for her to wear Easter Sunday, but it turned out to be WAY to big. I bought this one as a back up in case she was smaller than I was expecting. It turned out the back up dress was even too big. I had to sew it smaller with elastic yesterday. When it's hanging on a hanger it looks like doll clothes, which is funny since yesterday Mom and I were actually desperate enough to go looking through the toy department for something for Hannah to wear. Real doll clothes are pretty tacky though. And in the end... Doesn't she look just completely and totally lovely?


  1. I read this post with a huge grin on my face because you got your girl. And oh how girlie she looks. (Harv said she looks like a little doll.) Oh Becky...have fun with all the pink and all the frills and bows. You deserve it. Sammy was five weeks old before I dressed him in real clothes (yesterday). He is so cuddly in sleepers, I just can't bear to have him in anything else!

  2. Happy Easter! She looks magnificent, and you seem to be back to your funny self in no time! Did you get the teacup excersaucer you wanted? How much longer are your parents around? I can't wait to see her!

  3. We DID get the exersaucer! It was TOTALLY on sale at Zellers last week in a moonlight madness sale. The day I came home from the hospital I sent Glen and my mom to line up early on a mission to bring home the exersaucer of my fantasies. (I totally wouldn't have bought it at regular price, so you can imagine the excitement level when I saw it in the flyer.)

    I can't wait to introduce her to you... When?

  4. She looks like a beautiful little porceline doll!
    Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  5. Love the pose. She looks so cute and frilly. You are going to have so much fun just dressing her once she fits her clothes!

  6. Grandma needs some new pictures! It has been a whole week since I have been there. I am sure she has changed! Want to see Sam's birthday too!


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